Monday, June 09, 2008

Don't get too close

Friday I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and despite what the critics say it is good. I like the young kid in the movie, he is a hoot. At the movie was some lazy person who pushed up the arms on about 4 chairs and laid down across them. What? I know movie theater chairs are not comfortable but how uncomfortable was it to lay down on them. Some people. Glad the theater was not full,what would he have done then?

So at a new Sonic for one of my favorite fast foods, a Sonic burger and cherry limeade. Two stalls from me pulls in a pickup with a guy maybe late 30's. When he sat back I saw a ceramice Collie on his dash, I am not talking about one the size of those hula girls guys have in their pickups, this thing was at least 8 inches tall and the size of a small cat. After I picked myself up off the floor laughing my arse off, I wondered what kind of guy did this and what kind of ribbing did he take from his buddies over this? Was there a wife somewhere who this belonged to or did this guy actually drive around with a ceramic collie the size of a small cat on his dash?

Stay away from these people, hopefully they are not contagious. All the more reason to carry my camera with me at ALL times.