Thursday, January 09, 2014

Socks, Table Runner and Other Things

The first pair of socks is done, these are dad's birthday socks. I finished a snowman table runner that I bought as a kit years ago. It was fun and time consuming. Pictures of my goldfinches, and Levi my 3 year old neighbor shoveling snow. I also made myself a trash can liner. It is getting harder and harder to get plastic bags for scooping kitty litter. I decided to make myself 2 trash can liners per trash can that does not get kitty litter or wet items in it. I can empty them once a week for trash day and then have a spare to replace it. They can be washed like my grocery bags. I will post a tutorial later when I make another one. Great way to use your scraps.

Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 has come and gone

This was the first year I retired. It was great, sheer freedom. I had planned on cleaning my entire house and getting my flower beds in order and using 30K yards of yarn in projects. I got my house cleaned but the attic, garage and basement and I got half my flower beds done and I made the yarn goal. So what did I do with my time: Socks: 17 pair, Dishcloths: 53, Slippers: 1 pair, Afghan: 2, Seat Cushion: 1, Lambs: 2, Shawls: 5, Potholders: 14, Dryer Balls: 24, I-cords for toy bags: 46, Grocery Bags: 19, Aprons 6, Tablecloths: 3, Napkins: 4, Gift Card Billfold: 2, Car Trash Bag: 2, Sweaters: 4, Lap Robes: 16, Ad Pouch: 2, Book Cover: 3, Tea Towel: 7, Quilt: 2, Fall Candle Holders: 6, Rug: 1, Hat: 4, Mittens: 2, Star: 2, Calendar: 1, Scarves: 12. I also read 12 books. I guess I had a pretty busy year. I am going to get the basement done this winter since it is a good inside project, try to read 24 books, try to knit 24 pairs of socks, and get the flower beds done. I also want to use at least 30K yards of yarn and see what else I can get done. I hope you have a great 2014.