Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC Convention

I dont watch conventions, they are too long and are they really necessary? I watched Sarah's speech last year but that was it. I actually watched most of this years. Let me just say I am not a Romney fan, he is not conservative enough for me but I don't have a choice but to vote for him. I am a huge Paul Ryan fan, he is a very smart young man with a bright future. The thing that stood out most for me was the Faith in this convention. This country was founded on faith and somewhere along the line we have let a few take over and delete the faith portion of this country. The "Prime Time" portion in the evening started with the Pledge, the Star Spangled Banner and a prayer and a smattering of faith songs. Many of the speakers talked about taking our country back to the faith on which we were founded. I was thinking the other day maybe Romney is who the country needs not so much based on the economy but on faith. I believe his marriage is built on true love, you can see the two of them really have a very strong marriage. Many men would have left with Anne's illnesses but not him he has stayed the course. He is truly a man of great faith, a very genuine person. I think this is what we need most, someone who is an honest decent human being who believes all things come from God, not the government. I believe if you have a strong belief in God and ask Him for what you need He delivers if you truly need it. This country needs help and God will help us if we have someone to lead us in that prayer. I recently read the book The Harbinger, it will scare you at the end. It speaks of Isaih 9:10 and talks about how things that happen in the Bible are coming true now, the towers of 9/11, the floods and hurricanes, the storms, the incidents, etc. Isaac is 7 years to the day after Katrina, things happen in 7 year stretches. Get the book and read it, it will make you look at things differently. There is the story about God wanted 10 men who had faith to stand up and he would save the people. Mitt and Paul are 2 of the 10 men and if we stand up with them, we can save America. There were some really great speeches but most of them all came back to God. It is time for America to come back to God. Are you ready to stand up?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My new addiction

I had some of this jigsaw puzzle fabric left and some red/white polka dot, so another bowl is made.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Candy Corn

Who doesn't like candy corn? It is almost that time too, a fall/halloween candy. A friend of mine loves it so I made a bowl out of candy corn fabric.

New Stove

My oven was not working properly so I had a service person come out last week. Well the sensor, ignitor and something else needed to be replaced, cost only $750. I bought a new stove, an LG with 5 burners and it is a deep cobalt blue onthe inside. I dont want to get it dirty. At least with the stove I got rid of today I had baked peach pie and I did not have to clean up that mess.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fabric Bowls

I took a class Saturday on Fabric Bowls. I really had no idea what were were gonna do as there was no sample. YOu basically take cotton clothesline and 3/4" pieces of fabric wrapped and sewn in a spiral. The bowl shapes as you hold the coil up or down at various angles. It was fun. So the cute fabric was no longer visible. There will be gifts made for Christmas using this idea.
I also made a bowl from fabric using a circle where you cut out darts and satin stitch the sides so they come up in bowl shape.

They're Baaaaack

My little babies are back before they head South. I love to watch them and if you are outside and they want to eat, they buzz by your head. I have 2 out front so far.

Spinning Wheel

A couple weeks ago I took a spinning wheel class. There is so much that your brain is trying to process along with your feet trying to keep the wheel moving in the same way. I finally got the hang of it in the small green ball. So here is my yarn: Racoon Halloween, Lime Cream, and Lime. I do have a wheel on layaway, partly because I got big items to finish for Christmas gifts and if I got my wheel now well I would not be working on the gifts.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


We had a rain storm the other night, the wind came up quickly the sky turned to green and then about a quarter inch of rain. Then the sky turned orange with a rainbow and the sun set. Sparrows like kids love to play in a rain puddle.

Coffee and Oatmeal

I dont know why I bought this yarn cos I am not a brown fan but using my stash this is my own design.

Shades of Blue

The yarn is Jojoland which i have a lot of in the worsted weight. I love how the blues shade in the work. I added rows to use up the yarn again stash.

Light Oak

More Stash Busting. This pattern is from Doris Chan and is a 20 page free pattern. She shows how to make the shawl using different weights of yarn and different bottoms. This yarn is called Soft Creations and you would swear you were working with Simply Soft.

Prayer Shawl

A friend of mine lost her house to a fire not long ago and she lost 2 of her 3 dogs as well. I think that is what she most grieves for. I decided she needed a prayer shawl to help her deal with her loss, so out of my stash of some yarn I have no idea where I got it I made this for her. The yarn is Dawn Sayelle dated 1991.

Camp Loopy Project 3 2012

I finished my poncho. I love this yarn, it is a wool but very light weight and very soft and a dream to knit with. I added a set of rows and reworked the neck. I had about 5 yards of the pink and gray left and barely touched maybe 20 yards in the second skein of the black.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Tell Me How it is Different

Dear Lefties: I went to CFA on Wednesday to support my First Amendment of Free Speech. Today you are protesting CFA because they give money to religious institutions that support traditional marriage between a man and a woman. So tell me how different is this than the goverment taking my tax dollars without my permission and giving them to NPR, Planned Parenthood, other countries, illegal immigrants, shall I go on with my list. Only thing is Mr CFA uses his profits, you use my tax dollars. Remember the old adage I will defend your right to have a different opinion than me and it should be ok. You do not know what is better for me, you dont even know me. The only good thing out of this is you have awakened a sleeping giant and we are tired of it all. We want our American back. Game on!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It's a Great Day at CFA

Those who know me well know I am a ChickFilAholic. I have a tee, ballcap, lanyard, purse my niece got me at a craft show, and the cows and calendar. Today is stand up for CFA day and their beliefs. While I may at time want my #9 meal and to hit Hobby Lobby (another Christian business who refuses to be open on Sunday) I think it is cool of them to stand by their beliefs. So it took me 40 minutes from the time I turned to the time I left, and I was in my car the whole time. The lines were out the door, the cops were directing traffic and the local burget joints were empty. Here is the great time at my very own CFA.