Monday, April 25, 2016

Take Me Out To The Scarf Game

Mary Maxim is having a fun k/cal for a scarf.  You pick your favorite baseball team and get the 4 colors they suggest and knit or crochet a scarf depending on wins, losses, etc.  It sounds like fun but I need to figure out something else as I don't like scarves.  I have decided to make a pair of socks and use the cuff for the colorway of games won and lost; and games at home and away.  I think I may wait til the season is done to see how long to make the cuff.  The foot, heel, and toes may just be one of the solid colors.

Check it out:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Are You Kidding Me? $10

One of the ladies in my Irish Center knit group goes to Arizona every March.  Of course she frequents ( I think she camps out there) at one of they yarn stores in the city they stay in.  This time she came back with a couple project bags.  She said she was in the store and the owner was unpacking yarn that had come in a cotton drawstring bag.  She asked the owner how much she wanted and she said $10 each.  Are you kidding me, they were 12x12.  I told her I could make them easy peasy. So in a half hour each I made her 6 bags.  I went to my stash but if I bought fabric I could get 3 out of a half yard with a drawstring made out of something else.  I had enough fabric in my pieces to make a like drawstring.  So here are her bags.  Groucho approved.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Bucky

She is 12 today.  Her favorite pose.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mom It Is Too Hot

It is 77 on the nest this afternoon and the eaglets are panting and looking for shade.  Unfortunately the tree does not have any leaves for shade yet.  So in he goes under the parent but I can only imagine how hot is in under there.  Look at those clown feet now.  They have grown like weeds.  I wonder what is in the water and trout there.


Thursday, April 14, 2016


I was working in the yard this afternoon and heard a thwap as I was walking into the garage. I turned around and there is my bad boy, Mr Hawk in my yard.  And I don't have my phone to take a picture, so I run into the house keep checking the windows as I am going back out to take a picture and he was still there.  I got as close as I could and see he had himself a little lunch in my yard.  I don't like the doves so I was fine when I found out he had a dove for lunch.  I have seen him take down a starling as well and I don't like them either. I told him he can have the starlings and doves, all he wants as long as he leaves my little birds alone.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Grand Canyon

When I was in High School my father announced we would have one last big family vacation.  He bought one of those pop-up campers in the early 70's complete with a  green Coleman cooler and other stuff.  (BTW I still have the cooler).  We took 3 weeks and went from KC to LA and back home. One of the events we did was take the steam train to Silverton Colorado, what a great trip. It was oh so cold and my grandmother had purchased this ugly scratchy wool poncho for me. It was brown, yellow, orange and green.  None of those are in my colors.  But I took it cos we heard it might get cold.  I was glad I did because it came in handy on that train in the open car and other places where we woke up with ice in the morning.

Loopy Academy this semester is to make a pair of toe up or cuff down socks as one of the projects, whichever you do the least of.  I have never done toe up so that was it for me. I have to say these fit so well and I love the yarn.  It was very easy to make.  This yarn reminded me of that poncho oh so many years ago.  Thanks grandma, you knew I would need that poncho someday.

Friday, April 08, 2016

D20's New Digs

D20 talking

I Wanna See

OK maybe I don't.  All of a sudden a snow storm has hit the nest.  And of course little curiosity has to see what is going on.  So as he peeks out mom decides to get her a bite to eat and they are left to play in the snow.  I don't think they like it each one is hiding in the nest cup.

Thursday, April 07, 2016


We humans are waiting impatiently for D26 to arrive but alas the days are getting further and further from the time it was laid and it would appear we will  not have a D26 this year.  Mom and dad had 2 fledged eagles the first year and 3 every year after that.  We humans don't understand this is nature and nature does what it wants to.  I would prefer for the egg to never hatch and not be viable than it to hatch and not be ok or die.  It is sad to think we won't have 3 eaglets this year but we have D24 and D25 and they appear to be quite the handful.  So I plan on enjoying the antics and maybe this year I can keep them straight as to who is who.   RRP wrote an excellent article on why we may not have D26 this year.

Happy 2nd Birthday D20


Monday, April 04, 2016


D24 grows everytime I see him/her and this morning D25 had a little flight out of the nest cup.  Mom got up and D25 was attached as she did her little fly up and hop she dropped D25 just outside of the nest cup.  It did not take her long to open the gate to the nest cup, scoop the little darling back in and close the gate.  Close call, but as they say this nest is a no worry zone, the parents know what they are doing. 

Spring has Sprung

It was 80 yesterday and the grass has turned that pretty spring green and the trees are budding out.  My inside plants must feel Spring in the air because they are going nuts as well.  My Christmas cactus has one bloom, it must be lost in the seasons.  My violets are blooming like crazy and the rosemary and aloe are out of control.

Friday, April 01, 2016


D25 arrived yesterday afternoon.  They are so stinking cute at this stage, the gray fluff with the raccoon eyes. 

 We don't know whether D26 is on the way or the egg is just really dirty.

Fish appears to be on the menu for the next few days.

Lots of grass brought in today to help dry the rain that happened this morning.