Saturday, April 23, 2016

Are You Kidding Me? $10

One of the ladies in my Irish Center knit group goes to Arizona every March.  Of course she frequents ( I think she camps out there) at one of they yarn stores in the city they stay in.  This time she came back with a couple project bags.  She said she was in the store and the owner was unpacking yarn that had come in a cotton drawstring bag.  She asked the owner how much she wanted and she said $10 each.  Are you kidding me, they were 12x12.  I told her I could make them easy peasy. So in a half hour each I made her 6 bags.  I went to my stash but if I bought fabric I could get 3 out of a half yard with a drawstring made out of something else.  I had enough fabric in my pieces to make a like drawstring.  So here are her bags.  Groucho approved.