Sunday, June 29, 2014

Update on Eagles

Evening update on the Decorah Juvenile Eagle from Kay - He's back in his little ICU room and has had high calorie fluids and a crop of food and his antibiotics. In three weeks we will do another xray to see if there has been enough healing to remove the pin. We should have some pics loaded up for you tomorrow. The eaglets have been renamed because identification is too hard to be accurate. The Eagle With Transmitter is EWT, the Eagle Without Transmitter is EWOT, and the eagles at SOAR is called SOAR. I know new acronyms to learn but this way you don't have to remember who has the transmitter and who is at SOAR.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Will The Real D20 Please Stand Up?

From RRP: "Which eaglet is which?" we're being asked on ustream, facebook, in our forum, and via email. We would usually have answered this question by now, but it's been a very unusual and busy year for all of us. Once we had a little breathing room, all of us got together and went over the photographs that have poured in since the eaglets began to re-appear following the difficult fledge that began on June 18. There is no one I would trust to help ID more than our wonderful moderators on Ustream and Facebook. From awesome daily 12-hour chats, and through wonderful Whatta's, our combined hours of detailed observation reach well into the thousands. However, I need to stress that these ID's are not cast in stone. Bob doesn't tend to ID without a highly unusual physical feature or (preferably) a band number. Fortunately, our not-so-little fledglings have features that provide us with a few clues to their identity. Without further ado, we believe that D19 has the transmitter, D20 is at SOAR, and D18 is the prodigal mulch pile baby who has "found us again", and we'll be switching to referring to them that way this afternoon. We initially believed that D20 had the transmitter, but the information and photos that have surfaced since make it clear that isn't the case.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eagle Update

From SOAR Wednesday 3:15 PM We've decided to delay surgery until Friday or Saturday to give the eaglet more time to strengthen up. His wing is wrapped and he is currently being treated with a strong antibiotic. An inspection of the eaglet's tail revealed a maggot infestation, most likely from a wound, which we treated with permethrin per Dr. Dirk's instruction. Permethrin is also used to help kill hippoboscid fly and mite infestations, and lice infestations. Used properly, it's a safe and effective product that degrades quickly. We hand-fed him venison yesterday and he pooped well an hour afterwards. While we don't usually cheer at the site of poop, this was wonderful to see. From RRP: We think we have found the missing eaglet, seen about a mile from the nest on a mulch pile where other years eaglets have been seen as well. Appears from the picture that all is well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Update on Injured Eagle at Decorah From SOAR

From Kay Neumann, Executive Director, SOAR "X-ray shows oblique humerus fracture about an inch from the shoulder joint. Dr. Dirks will do surgery on Wednesday to pin. Will get plenty of food and fluids in him/her between now and surgery" [The humerus is the large bone between the coracoid (shoulder) and the radius and ulna (elbow)] Also, in addition to the food and fluids he/she was administered, an oral anti-fungal/anti-bacterial medicine called metronidazole was given. It neutralizes bacteria in the stomach in case they haven't eaten or have eaten something not so yummy - it is just a precaution and it should also help the bug bites, which are looking much better


Here she is complete with her bling. Picture is from Decorah Eagles Facebook page via Sally Bolton. How gorgeous is she?

From Raptor Resource Project

We know the whereabouts of two fledglings in Decorah right now. D20 continues to hang around the fish hatchery. She has been found by Mom and Dad, and fed by Dad. She was seen flying to concrete slabs four feet off the ground and a concrete wall six feet off the ground yesterday, although she was back on the ground this morning. We ask that everyone please stay back and give her and the parents room. About the eaglet at SOAR... Update on the Decorah juvenile Eagle: He ate a little bit last night. Kay will do food and fluids again this morning and then they will head to the vet office for x-ray. Keep your fingers and talons crossed!! Now where is the 3rd eagle. Prayers for you babies we love so much.

Sunset and Eagles

Had some rain last night and the sunset was just gorgeous.
The Eagles are not having a good time after fledging. We have not see one of them, remember 18 and 19 fledged the day of the bad storm. One eagle was found in the middle of the road, Bob Anderson took it in and fed it. He also put a transmitter on D20, so we can keep track of this one. They found one eagle in the stream yesterday with a broken wing. It is at SOAR now being taken care of. The gnats this year are just terrible and this one had many bug bites around the eyes. Prayers go out for these three that they will be taken care of and will be ok.

Friday, June 20, 2014

AND Then There are None

D20 just took off from the nest. He was probably lonely and wondered where everyone was. We have not seen D18 or D19 since they left 2 days ago. I hope they will be safe and live long lives. 20 eagles from this pair is a great success. Now what do I do until next February when we go on egg laying watch. Maybe someday I can get to Decorah and visit the nest area and see the babies. Godspeed D18, 19, and20. We will miss you.

This Creeped Me Out

When I got home I saw a pile of something in my driveway and noticed flies. I thought it was those liberal weiner dogs across the street, they have so many they wander in my yard, on my deck, etc. I am channeling the two hawks to pick them up and carry them off. When I went to look closer I thought it might be a baby bird but could not see a head. I thought maybe it fell but no upon on further look see, it is a bat. Where did it come from, how long has it been there, and are there more? Hmmm must keep on the look out, I don't want them in my house.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

And Then There Was One

Yesterday afternoon D18 just got a wild hair up his tail feathers and fledged. We have not seen him since. Then not to be outdone D19 took off just before dark and we not seen him either. Poor little D20 is left and had to survive a bad storm by his lonesome during the night. Since 20 is a few days younger it may be til the weekend before he fledges. I wish them happy soaring and long lives. No decision has been made to tag them with a transmitter yet, but guess that answer will come soon since they are leaving. It is always sad when the season ends. For 11 weeks millions of people across the world are glued to their screens watching the miracle of life in this eagle nest. Godspeed D18, D19, D20.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Could Not Help Myself

I love to do fair isle. The colors and the patterns come to life row after row. There is nothing like it. I have been looking for my next fair isle project ever since I finished Lily. Well I found it. I am all for bright colors but this was too much for me so I am doing mine in periwinkle and white. I'll keep you posted on my work as I go.

Friday, June 13, 2014