Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2 Years Already?

Yesterday I had been retired officially for 2 years.  I swear the time flies by quicker now that I have all the time in the world, and some days (weeks) I honestly don't know that I accomplish anything but it is ok. 
When I retired the first thing I wanted to do was thoroughly clean my house, I have half the attic and half the garage to do.  Living in a climate that does not allow a lot of time in those spaces it is going slow but I am making progress and this year I expect to get it done.
It is fun going through boxes with papers from first grade to my Masters thesis.  I have found things I forgot I had and things I thought I did not have anymore.  I have done some painting and am making a list of things I want to do to my inside of my house. The outside has steel siding and a new roof so that is done for life. 
I am doing charity work which I wanted to do so that keeps me busy.  My yard still needs some serious attention but once again the weather here does not lend one to playing outside a lot and when you have allergies well that limits time even more, however I do have all the time that is left to me to play with.
I strongly urge if you can retire and be financially secure do so.  You won't regret it, you can do whatever you want and if you don't get those chores done today well there is tomorrow.  Do it, don't put it off, time is short.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Red Velvet Fudge

I made a batch of the red velvet fudge, you need 4 hands and two people for this.  I modified the recipe and the pan size.  It is very rich and very good. 

Pink Slipper Project Recognition

This is the charity I make slippers for.  I wish I did not have to make slippers because that would mean there would not be a need for domestic abuse shelters.  But that is not the case, so I will keep making slippers to send.  This is the good news from the Charity.  Make sure to get a copy of the magazine to see what the charity is all about.

We've been keeping a secret but the time has come to share. We want everyone to know that The Pink Slipper Project has been selected by Creative Knitting magazine to be their featured charity in their Spring issue which is coming out on January 6, 2015.
Joyce, Judy and Judy's son, Mike, have worked on a new logo. Not a lot different but some. The Editor asked for some information about the group. That was written and sent.
They were going to select some photos to use ...so you may see a pair you made. Joyce, Judy and I are excited to see the issue. A reminder - Creative Knitting magazine has a circulation of 250,000! You may see a lot of new members joining us. Please welcome them.
There are still things Judy and I are working on and the week after Christmas will be busy preparing. We are going to need a lot of challenges if we get a lot of new members wanting to help out. Good thing I have a long list of possible shelters. We are starting 2015 with some major publicity! The women and children in shelters will enjoy even more slippers. If we set a goal for next year, it would have to be over 4001!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Had our first snow overnight.  3".  I hate winter and the first snow always makes me realize every winter how much I hate it.  The sky is that pretty pink at night when it snows and while it is pretty, I still wish I lived somewhere where the only snow I see is on TV.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Toy


By now you know I knit socks and lots of them, I have one 7" ruler that I always keep at hand to help me do my measuring on the cuff and foot, well no more.  Yes I did order one of these and thank you to the lady who invented this. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Naked Ladies and Cookies

It is that time of year where we have cold for a few days and then it wams up the poor flowers don't know what to do.  My naked ladies and crocus are coming up, it is about 3 months too soon for them.  Crazy things they are so confused.

 Can you see Groucho in the window upstairs.  When I left this morning at o'dark early she was in the window saying goodbye.

We had our annual cookie and candy sale at church today.  Here are some pics.  Lots of good food, chili was good as well for lunch.


Friday, December 12, 2014

D20 is now an Ambassador

It's Official! Mr. Soar is now Ambassador Decorah!

Saving Our Avian Resources writes:
~ Officially on staff! ~
Kay has received official word from US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) that the 22 June 2014 juvenile eagle admitted from Decorah, IA / Winneshiek County is no longer being held under Kay’s federal rehabilitation permit, this juvenile eagle has been transferred to Kay’s Live Eagle Exhibition Permit!
Decorah will be his name!
Now Kay will begin his formal training needed to be an education ambassador on the fist. Kay will make leather jesses for him and attach. (Look at photos of Thora to see her leather jesses.) Once “jessed up,” then Kay will start fist-training. Before Decorah is ready to carry out his duties as an education ambassador for SOAR, he will need to be comfortable sitting on Kay’s fist, learn to step to her fist, to the perch, and back, plus he will need practice going in and out of his travel crate! Decorah needs practice sitting on a bow perch (this is what you see Thora sitting on in photos). That’s a great deal of adjustment. There is no set timeline for these activities… how quickly Decorah responds and gains comfort will be the determining factor on training progression. This isn’t a one-week course… this is an open-ended course that requires much consistent work. (My own experience with education red-tailed hawks over the years tells me that each bird is unique and each will learn and adapt at their own pace. Plus these skills must be practiced often, even if no programming is upcoming.)
Kay is not only going to be working with Decorah, but will be supervising SOAR volunteers Tyler and Terrie to gain the experience needed to someday be additional handlers for Decorah. Both Tyler and Terrie have much experience working with SOAR’s education red-tailed hawk, great horned owl, barred owl and more. USFWS recommends that persons working with a live education eagle gain 500 hours of experience working with eagles over two years. This experience is to include handling an eagle, caring and feeding eagles, captive husbandry techniques (perching, jessing, housing requirements), and medical management. In addition, they will need to present programs using a glove-trained eagle under the supervision of Kay.
I’ll do my best to post updates on training of eagle and humans! His posts will no longer be on the website patient page... Will probably put any updates I get on the home page. Decorah will not be added to the Education page that lists our ambassadors until he is ready for those duties.
Linette / S.O.A.R.

Loopy Academy

I finally finished my projects and got them uploaded this morning.  My cowl, hat, and mitts.  Wonder what we are making next semester.  Yes they need to be blocked but I had to get them up today as the deadline is Dec 31 and I want to make sure they get loaded in the contest. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Full Bloom and Bucky

Apparently this is the full bloom, how gorgeous is this, one other bloom is open like this this morning.

Somehow I don't think Bucky cares.  As long as she does not eat it.  I don't need an emergency trip to the vet.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

D20 update from SOAR

~ 12/9 Update on the Decorah juvenile eagle ~
Below is the update from the SOAR patient page... technically, this juvenile is still a patient. Hopefully, I've answered many of the recent questions seen on this page about this eagle. ~ Linette
Remember, because of how this humerus fracture healed and where the necessary calcified lump formed, this juvenile only has about 25% use of his right wing, he cannot move that wing. His best option remains being transferred to an eagle... education permit.
When the Iowa weather turned cold, the education osprey needed to move into his winter quarters (the 20x20 heated ICU room) and this juvenile was moved into an ICU crate and was placed across from another eagle patient (Spencer - also a juvenile - admitted 11/5/14) to be a model eater! The Decorah juvenile eats well when by himself. When it was time for Spencer to move out of ICU, the Decorah juvenile moved, too, both to the 20x20 back room. Spencer bullied Decorah and wouldn't let him have food. It is very stressful to be bullied. Decorah was removed from that room and put back in an ICU crate, temporarily.
SOAR's 15 years of experience in working with eagles has taught us much. A juvenile male eagle is the lowest eagle on the social ladder and a juvenile male eagle that had never flown free before admit is even lower. With an eagle that is not very dominate, like Decorah is now, it is difficult to put him with another eagle and know that he (Decorah) is getting enough food. For now, his best housing option is in the snowy owl's summer quarters. This room can be heated, as needed, to keep food and water from freezing. The Decorah juvenile will not have competition for his food and his stress level will diminish.
So why did Decorah and Boone Forks get along so well? They were both admitted as nestlings. As they grow into the next stages of life, attitudes change and juvenile eagles become less tolerant of other juveniles and start to establish pecking order and dominance.
Visit www.soarraptors.org/patients.html for updates on many patients.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Nativity Scene

There was a large nativity scene for sale at our fall fling at church.  I looked at it several times, there is even a light for night time.  It was not selling and finally the treasurer said I wonder how much someone would offer (we had a $15 price tag on it.)  I said I would give her $5 and so I brought it home.  It is made in Germany and there is a price on the bottom of Mary for $65.50.  One of the ladies in my bible study group brought it in and said it was over 20 years old.  I wonder what it would cost today.  It is almost perfect in condition, one of the guys is missing a hand but other than that it is perfect.  Check out the camel. 

Christmas Cactus

I bought a Christmas cactus years ago, it is in my very sunny and light plant room and has grown huge.  I read that the reason it never blooms it is needs some dark kind of like a poinsettia.  So I picked up a piece and rooted it.  In my bathroom upstairs it nevers gets any direct sun and so it has a bloom on every stalk.  How gorgeous is this?

Friday, December 05, 2014

D20 update

From SOAR:

Kay reports ~
"Decorah is in an ICU giant crate and is eating good. [Linette adds... Logistics again... the would-have-migrated education osprey needed the room the juvenile was in as that room can be heated for the osprey and this osprey does not do well in a crate.]
He is still vocalizing whenever I walk in the room – so I’m going to take that as a greeting and a good sign. Having him inside has been helpful in getting him used to people walking around and seeing that we ...are not so bad… we bring the food!
We will be getting his large pen ready for him this Sunday -- new perches, turf, etc. This is room that we will be able to heat, as needed."
Kay promised she will try to get a photo once he is in his new spot. No guarantees, when, okay?!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mr Greenjeans Sweater

No this is not a post about Captain Kangaroo, although I loved that show when I was a kid.  This is one of the more popular free sweaters out there to knit.  I finally have made mine.  You can find the pattern on Knitty.com.  I modified the cuffs of the sleeves as I only wanted a short rib at the bottom.

I used Cascade 220 I had in my stash and yes that is an elephant button, I thought it was perfect.  Now I have a new sweater to wear.  I am on the lookout for my next pattern as I have a salmon red yarn in my stash calling for a new sweater.  Off to find a new pattern.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Decorah Nest

Today is give Tuesday where you give money to your favorite charities.  If you feel generous RRP and SOAR can use our funds.  Anyway it is all day chat and panning on the nest.  The camera person found mom and dad.  They are gorgeous.

If you look at the top you can see the two white heads.  Mom and Dad scanning their territory.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

More Socks

These socks are for the same person as the ones before.  The yarn is from Forbidden Woolery, Butterbeer is the colorway.  Sock pattern is Hermione socks.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Socks

These are not mine.  They belong to someone as a Christmas present. She knows who she is.  Yarn is Opal Harry Potter Tonks and the pattern is Mini Cable Spiral Socks.  My first after thought heel which I love the fit and the star toe.  Both of which I will use from now on on my "vanilla" socks.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dear Purl Soho

I hate you and I love you.  I would love to visit your store but I am afraid I would max out my credit card.  My friend recently visited New York and she went to your store twice and she bought well let's say she could have made a car payment.  I have made many of your free patterns, but when you sent out the email with the white felt wreath, it kept calling my name.  So I purchased the pattern and went to my stash.  I have everything but the sequins so I am going to get them and make this for next year.  It is simply breathtaking. 


Friday, November 14, 2014

Bittersweet Win

I entered a contest to win a pattern for a tote bag from Urban Arts and Crafts.  I won one of the 5 copies of the pattern.  However, the store is closing after 12 years.  When UAC was in the River Market and I worked downtown I would often walk down there and shop and sign up for classes.  I have a lot of good memories from 12 years of classes and shopping.  I went today and got some farbric to make one of the bags and I also went shopping in my stash to find some fabric.  You will have to wait for progress pictures.  Please check out the blog from the store owner as she has a lot of great patterns and you can find her on Craftsy as well.

I wish you tons of luck Karen in your new endeavor.  Thanks for the great memories, the fun times, Anni the store cat, and making new friends through the class.

http://www.ialwayspickthethimble.com/ is the blog to follow and see what Karen is up to next. 

Here is the pattern I won.  http://www.ialwayspickthethimble.com/2014/10/03/memory-lane-quilted-tote-sewing-pattern/

Stay tuned to see what my 2 bags will look like.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

My Crop

When I was in grade school and we would go to OKC for school we had several classes on TV. One of them was science.  Dr Fishbeck (I think) had a contest one year for the longest sweet potato vine.  I got 2nd place.  Well this year I decided to grow one and see what I could get.  I let the one sweet potato root over the winter and this summer I planted it in a big flower pot and today here is my crop. Not bad for a chance.  Maybe next year I will plant 2.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

One To Watch

The mid-term elections were great.  However, one winner stands out.  This is the kind of role models kids need, not skanky girls who do nasty thing on stage or childish boys who think they are cute when they should be in jail for committing crimes.  I think this is great and I wish her lots of luck.  Maybe someday she will be a candidate for the President.  This is one woman I would vote for.

In case you don't want to read the article.  18 year old Saira Blair from W Va won her election beating out a 44 year old man.  Yes she is a Republican.  This is why she ran:  " I want to get jobs to West Virginia and one of the biggest ways to do that would be making West Virginia a Right To Work state."

Good Luck Saira, we are rooting for you. 


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

In Case Of Emergency

I think I need to make one of these for my craft room. 

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Intarsia, Not For the Faint of Heart

I have done Intarsia before but it always turned out puckered.  I just took a class and learned not to carry the floats and it is so much better.  However, there a zillion ends to weave in on the back side but... 

I wanted a new pillow for my newly painted bedroom, of course it is periwinkle, and found this pattern.  I wanted something more than a plain back.  Most of the people in class were working on coasters so I put the coaster pattern to use and made a back out of the concept.  I like the look so much I think an afghan out of the pattern is in order.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

It is my fav day of the year.  You can celebrate the day or not, no one really cares.  It is not as much fun as when I was a kid because you have to be careful of so many things and creepy people.  However, it is a day of candy and tomorrow it will be on sale if there is any  left.  You can be who ever you want and no one cares.

Happy Anniversary to my parents as well, 60 years. 

We are finally expecting a freeze tonight, we need to kill the ragweed and then it can get warm again.  I have covered my flowers I don't want to give up yet and we will see how they fare in the morning.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dear FemiNazis


So the lefty Femi Nazis made a list of companies we should not shop at because all the left Femi Nazis care about are your body parts.  Really please don't, they are none of your business.

So the first one is Hobby Lobby, I should own stock as much as I am in there.  I LOVE HL and will shop there until I die or they close.  I am surprised you did not put CFA on your list because they are right after HL in how much you hate companies.  Some of the places I will never step foot in but not because of you; I simply don't care to shop there.  Don't even start on me not shopping at Wal-Mart. 

So how about you shut your piehole and find something worthwhile to protest over and I will shop where I want to. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mom, I am Starting my Christmas List.


I have always loved sports car but this one.... Oh my.  They don't put a price on their website.  I know I could not afford it but.... oh my.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Decorations

One of my knitting buddies gave me this plate for my birthday.  It is a genuine polish piece of pottery.  I love it.  I found these creepy hands at Micheals and thought they were perfect to go with the plate.

This is my wreath on my front door.  It is almost bigger than the door. Micheal's once again has the best Halloween stuff this year.

Red Trees

The city came through a few years ago and planted trees in the parking.  I have 3 of these and they get so bright red gold when the leaves turn.  They are just gorgeous.  While I have too many trees in my parking I will keep these 3.

I Need A New Sock Drawer

There are 37 pairs of socks stuffed in this drawer.  I need to do some re-arranging and start another drawer for my  hand made socks. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

D20 Update

Today was moving day for Decorah! During the move, the status of tail feathers was checked out and his tail is coming back in slowly. He has two new grown-in feathers... that look like what a second year eagle would have! He also has two or three feathers peeking through... still with the protective covering. While a weight wasn't taken... he's fat!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Red Glow

I love this tree.  In the Fall when it is this color and the sun shines, well... the back of the house has a red glow in it.  I can't wait til it grows up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

National Feral Cat Day

I lost my feral tom a few weeks ago.  He was 13 1/2 years old.  His name was Little Bit because he was the smallest of his litter.  I never got to touch him until about a month before he was gone.  He was so thin and has lost some hair and as I fed him he would lean against my leg and let me rub his head.  My feral female is still around and is 6 1/2 years old. Her daddy was Little Bit and her name is Smudgey.  While I can't pick her up she does expect her tummy rubbed and head to be petted til she is done.  I love them as much as the ones in my house.  Love a feral cat, put some food out and let them know someone loves them.

Only $1085


The price on this kind of goes along with an earlier post on cheapness.  While the yarn certainly does not justify the price, the time would. However I am NOT paying this much for a sweater.  Sure would love to have a pattern for the skull though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Velvet Fudge


I love red velvet cake, ok I love red velvet everything. Now there is fudge.  I have to make some of this for Christmas and yes I think I will throw a couple pieces in some of my "cheap" gifts I will make.

Are You Cheap?

Yesterday on Facebook there was a link to an article from a woman who had made her co-workers baby blankets for their impending delivery.  She questioned whether she should continue and was she cheap in doing so.  One woman who received a blanket said based on what she made she could have afforded more than the blanket and a few trinkets.  I would have grabbed my stuff back after I slapped her.

For those who don't craft they have no idea what supplies cost, but mostly the time involved.  I made many baby blankets for my co-workers and I can tell you they all loved them and wondered how I found the time to do this for them. 

I made my mom an afghan made up of puzzle pieces.  The whole project took 108 hours from the time I picked out the yarn to the time I wove in the lase end.  That does not count the time I spent looking for just the right pattern.  Lets say I made minimum wage, the afghan time alone would have amounted to $800.  Now for the woman who said the crafter was cheap she really does need to be slapped.  I can make a pair of plain vanilla socks in about 20 hours and based on what I made when I worked, well lets just say these socks would cost over $1,000. 

Most of the time it is not the cost of the supplies but the cost of the time involved.  When you make something for someone it takes the time of that person who could be doing something they need to do or want to do.  They are taking their time to make something special just for you, no one else, just you.  Many times it is done with love and hope that the one getting the gift will appreciate for what it is worth. 

I have learned that there are those who get 15 minutes of my time with a purchased gift that really does not mean a whole lot.  Those who appreciate the time I take get a "cheap" gift and know that is was made with love. 

There's A New Yarn in Town


Cervelt is considered the world's finest luxury fiber, and for the first time ever, it is available as a hand knitting yarn. It is extremely rare, and only 80 balls, each 25 grams, have been manufactured. String is proud to have been invited by Zealana, the provider of the yarn, to be the exclusive retail source of this exquisite yarn.

Cervelt is made from an extremely rare natural down fiber from the New Zealand Red Deer. It is a 13 micron fiber which is much finer than the finest cashmere, and because the diameter of the hair is consistent throughout its length, unlike other fibers it is consistently superfine. The fiber has a natural wavy curl that produces a yarn that is strong and resilient. Its incredible natural properties have defined Cervelt as the most sought after new natural fiber in the world and a personal favorite of leading haute couture designers including Hermes and Giorgio Armani.

One recent high profile example of the prestige of Cervelt was in what was hailed as the world's most expensive pair of socks, costing $1600 a pair, marketed by luxury shoemaker Harry's of London as the "most exclusive sock in the world".

We are offering the 80 balls of Cervelt as this week's special. Each ball is beautifully packaged, as shown, in recognition of the collector's item that it is. We did not knit a sample with it because we have so few skeins, we wanted to save them all for our customers. For this week we are offering it at the special price of $150 per ball. It is 25 grams and 191 yards.

It is a light fingering weight, and could be used with any of the Zealana AIR patterns that we are featuring as this month's yarn special.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

These are MY socks.  I love how Patons Kroy patterns up with their colorways.  These are just a plain vanilla sock pattern.  Since it is Fall and the temp is 41 this morning I will be wearing these soon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Monday, October 06, 2014


I love butterflies, they are so gorgeous yet so fragile.  The monarchs are migrating right now.  Last week a local suburb had over a thousand of them in the trees.  Can you imagine.  Today I finally got some pics of the ones that have been teasing me in my own yard.  The purple flower is my butterfly bush.  Aren't they gorgeous?

I chased this one all over the yard and yet it never would let me get an "open" picture of him.

This is the same butterfly.  Beautiful orange and brown on the inside and yet red and blue and different colors on the outside. Perhaps he is a blender so no one will see him.  Mr bumblebee wanted in on the pictures as well.

This one almost looks like a moth and wanted a picture as well.