Monday, October 13, 2014

There's A New Yarn in Town

Cervelt is considered the world's finest luxury fiber, and for the first time ever, it is available as a hand knitting yarn. It is extremely rare, and only 80 balls, each 25 grams, have been manufactured. String is proud to have been invited by Zealana, the provider of the yarn, to be the exclusive retail source of this exquisite yarn.

Cervelt is made from an extremely rare natural down fiber from the New Zealand Red Deer. It is a 13 micron fiber which is much finer than the finest cashmere, and because the diameter of the hair is consistent throughout its length, unlike other fibers it is consistently superfine. The fiber has a natural wavy curl that produces a yarn that is strong and resilient. Its incredible natural properties have defined Cervelt as the most sought after new natural fiber in the world and a personal favorite of leading haute couture designers including Hermes and Giorgio Armani.

One recent high profile example of the prestige of Cervelt was in what was hailed as the world's most expensive pair of socks, costing $1600 a pair, marketed by luxury shoemaker Harry's of London as the "most exclusive sock in the world".

We are offering the 80 balls of Cervelt as this week's special. Each ball is beautifully packaged, as shown, in recognition of the collector's item that it is. We did not knit a sample with it because we have so few skeins, we wanted to save them all for our customers. For this week we are offering it at the special price of $150 per ball. It is 25 grams and 191 yards.

It is a light fingering weight, and could be used with any of the Zealana AIR patterns that we are featuring as this month's yarn special.