Saturday, May 14, 2011

May Rug for Front Door

I used Reynolds Utopia for this rug (3 skeins). I chained 100 and did the shell stitch until I was happy with the size. I noticed I am off a half row becuase evidently I put it down without paying attention and started back down the row. But I am not re-doing it.

Je Suis Finis

Lily is finally done. Now all I need to do is block her and I can finally wear her. It is to be 38 Monday morning, thought I might have to wait til next winter to wear her, but who knows. It was a challenge, one I am glad I took on and yes I would do it again.

Now on the next project.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

2012 Special Olympic Scarves

So we finally have the colors for next years scarves. Soft Navy and Cherry Red both by Red Heart. For those of you wanting to participate in this event please go to the website for more information: It truly is worth your time to knit or crochet a few scarves for these participants. If you go to the 2011 website you can see they did a video with some of the scarves sent in. Hope you feel like helping out, I have started on my first one and will be posting pictures as I go.