Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week Two Knotted Cables

Week 2 has cables which I love.  It was an easy one to make.  I love this coral color.

Friday, January 20, 2017

It Is Finally Here

Only a couple more hours and the current POTUS will be GONE.  It can not come too soon.  I was not a Trump supporter but a supporter against her.  I watched the pre-inauguration last night and felt like we were going to be ok as a country again.  I wish I could be in DC today, just for the sheer excitement of the whole event.  Don't screw it up Republicans, we own it all now and you need to remember who we the people are and why we expect you to fix the wrongs the past administration crammed down our throats.
Let the sun shine again.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week One Snowflake

Knitpicks is hosting their 52 dishcloths in a year again.  The patterns are free.  Week one is a snowflake.  I must say it is not for those of you with no patience.  The construction is not hard but tedious.  I did learn some things making this.  If you want to learn something new dishcloths are the best way to do it.  When done you have something you can use and you learned a new skill.  It is easy to rip out and redo if necessary, unlike making a sweater or afghan.  They also make nice gifts.

I used a peppermint colorway for mine, you can't see the holes very well but... I did end up weaving in 32 ends so if you don't like weaving in ends you might want to skip this one.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Dear Melinda Part Two

As I sat in church this morning I was thinking about your post.  You called me a lot of names, said I live in a shithole and am basically worthless.  Yet your side screams tolerance at my side every single minute of every single day.  Have you ever been to the flyover country (I really hate that term)? I bet you haven't.  There will always be hate no matter where you  live.  But you see us stupid flyovers do believe in the Bible and try to live a good life.  When was the last time you drove through a small midwest town and everyone either waved to you or said hello.  They don't care that they don't know you, it is how they were raised.  We help our neighbors, shoot we even know who our neighbors are and their entire family.  We have good schools, and yes we have bars.  Where else are we gonna drink ourselves into a stupor to get away from the vile crap your side spews at us.  The flyover country is our safe space and we really would appreciate it if you would stay out of it.  We have seen what your side does to cities like Detroit and Baltimore.  We see how the big cities run by your side have higher taxes, more people on welfare that suck your city budget dry, and more crime than we do.

A lot of the flyovers homeschool because your side has ruined the school system.  You don't teach children the basics, that would readin, writing, and rithmetic.  You know those pesky things that you need to get a job and live a good life.  We don't want our kids in your school system because you think the basics are Capitalism is bad, climate change is worse than ISIS, and if anything bothers you you need a puppy and a coloring page. You know what we do when something bothers us, we chop wood, go to  the gun range, mow the yard, clean closets, go out into the country and scream, go to a movie (yes we have movie theaters).  We don't burn our cities down to the ground and expect the government to give us free crap.

BTW Google fiber is in my block where I live, we do have internet.  We are not hicks like you think we are because when the left wing media shows flyover country most of the people look like the people of Wal-mart.  OMG we have Wal-marts like you would not believe, you can get anything you want there and get it cheap.  We live in affordable houses, utilities, cars, taxes, etc because we don't waste our tax dollars on progressive bullshit projects.

Just exactly do you mean by "brown" people.  You mean the UPS guy or those of Mexican descent.  For your information my Mayor is black, my Police Chief is black and my neighborhood has a mix of whites, asian, blacks, and mexicans.  No one thinks a thing about their skin color, we are NEIGHBORS, and if any of them were in trouble we would be there to help them.  That is what we do.

I dont' want to live in a city where TIF's are passed out like candy at a parade but because my city is left led we pass them out like candy.  If you are a business and you expect to thrive you need to have a dog in the hunt called paying taxes.  We lost a mall who moved to another county because they got a huge TIF and you know what happened.  My property tax went up.  You think that is fair.  No one gives me a break on  paying my taxes.

I have snow to shovel and probably help my neighbors shovel theirs as well, and while I am doing manual labor I will shovel you right out of my head, because frankly I am done with your side and your trying to belittle me and the rest of us flyovers.  You stay where you are and I will stay where I am. You leave me alone and shut up.  You are no better than I am and I am no better than you are.

So goodbye Melinda, you stay on your side of the line and I will stay on mine, but don't lecture me on how superior you are to me, cos that is a fight you are not going to win.

Dear Melinda

My first response to your thoughts on why Trump won was so childish:  Eat shit and die.  Yes those of us in the part of the USA that you so despise used to say that  a lot as kids (well not in front of our parents because there would have been a spanking or bar of soap washing our potty mouth out) when someone made us mad.  For those of you wondering why I am writing to Melinda see her post in today's Motus Mirror (one of my top 5 fav blogs). (you can scroll down to my blog list i read and find michelle's mirror and click on this post.)

You progressive elites on both coasts think you are the only ones with any brains, manners, etc.  If you spent any time in the midwest you will see we are very smart, we are very nice, and we have manners.  We don't want your kind here so I am happy you don't want to move here because we are a basket of deplorables.  You lost this election, so put on your big girl panties and get over it.  You think we actually liked the past 8 years where your side pushed that progressive crap down our throats and acted all high and mighty that you knew what was best for me?  You think we like the fact that your side called us bitter and we clinged to our religion and guns?  What do you think founded America in the first place?  We had enough of King George and his better than though progressive bullshit and said enough is enough and we rose up with guns and Bibles and beat them.

I have to wonder if your side really understand what this country would look like if we were truly progressive that you seem to want to have.  Perhaps you should take a vacation in a country like oh I don't know Venezuela, do you really know what is happening there? Probably not because you watch something like MSNBC or CNN and don't get the real news of the world, just what they want you to hear.

I was not a Trump fan and I voted for him to vote against her.  She would have finished Obama's plan to destroy America and then where would we all be.  Do you really want to stand in line all day hoping for a jug of milk and maybe a loaf of bread.  Do you really want a dictator like country where you are told what to think and if you get out of line, well... The progressives that you so desire to run the country would have turned us into a 3rd world country because then they could control ALL of us, your kind included.

I am so tired of all your whining, crying, temper tantrums, safe spaces, etc.  Seriously GROW UP!  Be an adult, go to work, pay your bills and stop with all of this.  You do realize my side is laughing at you.  We did not do this 8 and 4 years ago when we  lost. Oh I cried the night of both of those elections because I knew he wanted to destroy the country and he did succeed in a lot of areas, but the one of gun control for which she was going to succeed getting done come hell  or high water.  However, we picked ourselves and went to work the next day. Yes we complained about how he was destroying the country that we love.  I don't believe your side loves this country but you sure love what Capitalism has got you.

So Melinda, stop, just stop.  I am so tired of you crybabies, you lost, get over it. Sound familiar because that is what you told us.  Meanwhile I am sitting back, watching your side implode while eating popcorn and drinking wine as the show is about to get real.  Guess who will win, my side.  Why?  We have God on our side, yes my gun and my Bible are what I cling to.