Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roller Derby

When I was a kid and we lived in LA I used to watch Roller Derby. It was not like Roller Derby today, they were much rougher, bigger tracks and slanted upwards. I would put on my skates (the old fashioned kind with the key that was strapped to your shoes) and pretend to be a Roller Derby girl.

I went to the Roller Derby Saturday night, what a hoot. We started with the Color Guard and the National Anthem. Then two games, the B team and A team that travels. We skunked NW Arkansas. Anyway if you have Roller Derby in your town go to a game, it will be some of the funnest 4 hours you ever spend. I know I am going back.

Maybe when I retire I can start my next career as the oldest Roller Derby Girl. Now all I need is my roller derby name: I think "Crabby Knitter."

Electric Vehicles Could Get A Volt

Hamburger? Fries? Milk shake? Want to throw an electrical charge in with that?

Yes, voltage is on the menu at a McDonald's near Raleigh, NC.

At least 535 charging stations are operating in the US at hotels, parking garages, airports, libraries and even a pizzeria. Nearly 80% are in California. (It figures).

The Nissan Leaf can go 100 miles on a battery charge, compared with the Chevrolet Volt's 40 miles. If I owned a Volt I could not even get to my lys without stopping to charge.

Numnuts wants to put 1 million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015. Somehow I can't see him trading in his Hemi for a Leaf. The government is spending $2.4 billion to encourage companies to develop electric vehicles. It takes 8 hours to fully charge the Leaf at 220V and 20 hours to charge at 110V. What if you have a power outage, how do you charge your car and how much is this gonna skyrocket electricity rates with crap and tax about to hit.

Personally I drive a Murano and she burns Premium. I dare you to make me get rid of her.

Michelle's Mirror

If you have not been to http://www.michellesmirror.com/ you have to go. Whoever writes this is a scream and shows just how fashionable the angry one isn't. I don't know who dresses her but I think I saw stuff at Goodwill that looked better than most of the stuff she wears. And who told her putting a wide belt under the mosquito belts would give her cleavage. Well check it for yourself and be prepared to laugh yourself silly.

Tax Breaks for Films Get Mixed Reviews

Even if you never go to movies, you are contributing to Hollywood production budgets. That is because while states are cutting services to plug massive budget shortfalls, many are still giving away tens of millions of dollars in tax incentives to production companies that shoot movies and TV shows inside their borders. Now some states are starting to rethink those subsidies.

Overall, states gave away $1.8 billion in incentives to Hollywood between 2006 and 2008. Filmmakers bid states against one another and reap the benefit. States are engaging in this escalating bidding war to win over a marginal amount of business. It's a race to the bottom.

Kansas and Iowa have suspended their programs. Arizona's will expire this year and Pennsylvania reduced the amount of its credit. Supports of the tax credits say they help create jobs and boost local economies.

What say You?

She's Fed Up With School Lunches

As a kid, did you ever wonder what they put in those school lunches to make them so, well, unique? (I took my lunch, and the looks of some of that stuff in the 60's, well now we know.)

An anonymous blogger attempts to find out on Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. Flagging herself as a "teacher who is eating school lunch everyday in 2010" this brave woman tries to get to the bottom of why school lunches are so inadequate. She lives in Illinois.

A pre-packaged pbj sandwich actually made her sick,and she drank so much milk she became lactose intolerant. Pizza and hotdogs are served often.

So if you are curious about school lunches go to www.fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.com Better have that trash can close by.

The Chocolte Condundrum

We've been hearing for sometime that chocolate is an antidote to depression. But now some solid research has been done - and the results are unexpected.

Researchers asked more than 900 adults from San Diego about their chocolate eating habits, then used a standard scale to measure the subject's symptoms of depression. The data found that those who rated highest on the depression scale also consumed more chocolate - an average of almost 12 servings/month. In other words, eating more chocolate seems to be linked to being more depressed.

While chocolate may make people depressed, it's also possible that depressed people crave it more because it improves their moods - and have learned to "self-treat".

I don't care what they say I am eating as much chocolate as I can, how about you?