Sunday, July 27, 2014

D20 Update

Per SOAR: "Update on the 22 June admit, yes, the Decorah juvenile eagle - he and the Boonesfork juvenile (admit date of 1 July) are still in the small ICU room. The Decorah juvenile's wing is still stiff, but the joints all work and function. He will be receiving physical therapy and having that wing gently worked through the range of motion to decrease stiffness. (Raise your hand if you've ever had a physical or occupational therapist help you recover from an accident or surgery!) The good news on the maggot front is that the wound from the maggots at the base of his tail near his oil gland (used for preening) has healed nicely and those fuzzy feathers close to the body are growing. Nope, no change on the tail feather front.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

D20 Update

The bandage on the Decorah juvenile eagle's right wing (admit date 22 June) will be coming off today. He will remain in the ICU room for at least one week. He will be able to stretch out, exercise his wings, but he won't want to attempt actual flight in this smaller room. This is step one in his "strength training" program. Yes, the Boonesfork juvenile eagle (admit date 1 July) will still be in the same room. These two "siblings" are good for each other's appetite -- eating the chicken or fish, not each other!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Hermione Grace

My oldest turns 14 today.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

D20 Update

SOAR - Saving Our Avian Resources
~The tale of tail feathers - Decorah juvenile admitted 22 June~
I'll do my best to explain what might or might not happen with the Decorah juvenile eagle's tail feathers. Kay reports that no tail feathers are growing back yet. He had some nasty damage from those maggots that has to heal.
Dr. Dirks did give the tail feathers a good look and said that the remaining shafts are in too bad of shape to hold replacement feathers. The process of replacing feathers is called 'imping' and is where the bird has good feather shaft firmly in place and a replacement feather from the same species of bird and same type of feather is carefully aligned and glued in place. So... eagle tail feather to imp into an eagle tail... Without a good shaft remaining... this just wouldn't be an option.
The juvenile eagle may well preen out those old shafts himself which would start the new feather process. The other possibility is that he may have to molt out the old shafts and then grow new feathers. Unfortunately, this is a wait and see what happens process. Time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two Americas

A friend of mine sent me this and said she was not sure Lou Holtz really said it but it is true no matter who said it:
Two Americas - Lou Holtz(Leo "Lou" Holtz (born January 6, 1937) is a retired American football coach, and active sportscaster, author, and motivational speaker.)
The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works, and the America that doesn’t. The Americathat contributes, and theAmerica that doesn’t. It’s not the haves and the have not's, it’s the dos and the don'ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, obey the law, support themselves, contribute to society, and others don't.  That’s the divide in America.  It’s not about income inequality, it’s about civic irresponsibility. It’s about a political party that preaches hatred, greed and victimization in order to win elective office. It’s about a political party that loves power more than it loves its country.  That’s not invective, that’s truth, and it’s about time someone said it.
The politics of envy was on proud display a couple weeks ago when President Obama pledged the rest of his term to fighting “income inequality.”  He noted that some people make more than other people, that some people have higher incomes than others, and he says that’s not just.  That is the rationale of thievery. The other guy has it, you want it, Obama will take it for you. Vote Democrat. That is the philosophy that produced Detroit.  It is the electoral philosophy that is destroyingAmerica.  It conceals a fundamental deviation from American values and common sense because it ends up not benefiting the people who support it, but a betrayal. 
The Democrats have not empowered their followers, they have enslaved them in a culture of dependence and entitlement, of victim-hood and anger instead of ability and hope. The president’s premise –that you reduce income inequality by debasing the successful –seeks to deny the successful the consequences of their choices and spare the unsuccessful the consequences of their choices.  Because, by and large, income variations in society is a result of different choices leading to different consequences. Those who choose wisely and responsibly have a far greater likelihood of success, while those who choose foolishly and irresponsibly have a far greater likelihood of failure.  Success and failure usually manifest themselves in personal and family income.  You choose to drop out of high school or to skip college – and you are apt to have a different outcome than someone who gets a diploma and pushes on with purposeful education. You have your children out of wedlock and life is apt to take one course; you have them within a marriage and life is apt to take another course. Most often in life our destination is determined by the course we take. 
My doctor, for example, makes far more than I do. There is significant income inequality between us. Our lives have had an inequality of outcome, but, our lives also have had an inequality of effort.  While my doctor went to college and then devoted his young adulthood to medical school and residency, I got a job in a restaurant.  He made a choice, I made a choice, and our choices led us to different outcomes.  His outcome pays a lot better than mine. Does that mean he cheated and Barack Obama needs to take away his wealth?  No, it means we are both free men in a free society where free choices lead to different outcomes.   It is not inequality Barack Obama intends to take away, it is freedom. The freedom to succeed, and the freedom to fail. There is no true option for success if there is no true option for failure.
The pursuit of happiness means a whole lot less when you face the punitive hand of government if your pursuit brings you more happiness than the other guy.   Even if the other guy sat on his arse and did nothing.  Even if the other guy made a lifetime’s worth of asinine and short sighted decisions.
Barack Obama and the Democrats preach equality of outcome as a right, while completely ignoring inequality of effort. The simple Law of the Harvest – as ye sow, so shall ye reap – is sometimes applied as, “The harder you work, the more you get."  Obama would turn that upside down. Those who achieve are to be punished as enemies of society and those who fail are to be rewarded as wards of society. Entitlement will replace effort as the key to upward mobility in American society if Barack Obama gets his way.
He seeks a lowest common denominator society in which the government besieges the successful and productive to foster equality through mediocrity. He and his party speak of twoAmericas, and their grip on power is based on using the votes of one to sap the productivity of the other.  America is not divided by the differences in our outcomes, it is divided by the differences in our efforts.
It is a false philosophy to say one man’s success comes about unavoidably as the result of another man’s victimization. What Obama offered was not a solution, but a separatism. He fomented division and strife, pitted one set of Americans against another for his own political benefit.  That’s what socialists offer.  Marxist class warfare wrapped up with a bow. Two Americas, coming closer each day to proving the truth toLincoln’s maxim that a house divided against itself cannot stand.   "Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it." 
   Lou Holtz

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lizards and Bunnies and Cats

Not sure why the squirrel was heading down the tree and where he was going.

Little Bit:  my feral tom, he is 13.

Socks for my niece.

My sweet potato and mint.

My daylilies, they were huge this year.

More socks for my niece.

My aunt's birthday present, I know it is tomorrow but she will get the box soon.

Orange cotton puffs after the storm.

Little Bit and Smudgey, my feral cats.

The clover is plentiful this year, the bunny is surveying the crop.

A new dishcloth pattern:  sink mates found on  Ravely.  The pattern is $2 and the money goes to the Special Olympics. 

He was here last week and is back this evening, isn't he gorgeous.

My poor little rose bush is blooming with not much left.

the baby lizard

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Bear with me as I work through the death of D18.  There are many factors that don't allow animals to make it past their first year.  Eagles suffer from lead poisoning by eating meat killed with lead bullets (please don't use lead bullets).  They also suffer from landing on power poles and electrocuting themselves.  We need to see if we can get the power companies to do as much as possible to prevent this from happening. 

I know nature does it's thing and as humans we can't make nature a human "thing."  But there are things we can do to prevent our animals from meeting their maker before their time.

Meanwhile D19 continues to learn how to hunt and soar high in the sky.  D20 continues to improve while in rehab at SOAR.  If you feel like you have some extra money; RRP and SOAR are both dependent on donations and they sure appreciate it.  For all they do they deserve those extra pennies we might have.