Monday, January 15, 2018

Tajari 9 months old

Today we celebrate the 9 month birthday of Tajiri!
Already standing shy of 10 feet tall; he is a smart, and at times stubborn, calf that has brightened our world!
Inquisitive like his mother and courageous like his father, he is the mix of two great giraffes; Oliver & April.
1 year old is not far away 4/15/18 !

Thursday, January 11, 2018

UGH! Winter

Yesterday it was almost 60 and the sunrise was gorgeous, once again looking like a sunset.  This morning about 3am the rain started turning to ice and now snow.  It is 21 now and heading down down down with the wind howling making it so bitter cold. I saw a Robin out front this morning.  Crazy bird needs to head south pronto, or maybe it should just stay because Spring is 2 months away.

D24 Sightings

As we are all aware by now, since June 2017, D24’s satellite transmitter has not fully recharged as it should due to an unexplainable glitch in the transmitter. This has resulted in intermittent data since then, with a few “hits” in July (when we had our last visual of him), September, November, December, and the most recent, January 3 and 4, 2018. All of these points have come from an area 5-10 miles south of Decorah. Even though we did not have data for the last several days, I decided my technician, Bob, and I would take some time and drive to that area and search for a VHF signal from D24’s backpack transmitter. Conditions were favorable: it was early enough and cloudy enough that D24 would likely not be soaring, which makes tracking difficult. Even if the satellite transmitter is not sending data, if we could get within approximately two miles of D24, we should hear the constant VHF signal with the hand held receiver and antenna set to its frequency.
Once we got to Ossian, Iowa, we were on the eastern edge of his recent locations. We stopped a couple of times to check for a signal, but heard nothing. By the third stop we had a strong signal. We were able to quickly determine D24’s current location, east of Calmar, Iowa. He was with several other Bald Eagles, both adults and immatures, and was only 25 yards from the road in a wooded swale. D24 looks great. He has a dark chest patch and his belly is much lighter. His eye and beak are still brown, but the horn color is beginning to show on his beak. When he flew across the road to another perch his plumage appeared complete (i.e. we did not observe gaps in the wing or tail feathers). We received satellite data this morning (Wednesday) that showed he spent the rest of the day and night within two miles of where we spotted him late Tuesday morning.
It was a successful and gratifying trip, seeing D24 looking good and hanging out with other eagles not far from his natal area."

59 C

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

First Project of the Year

I love pink and purple together.  Several of my friends and I have been talking about making snowflake hats.  Anyway I decided to squeeze in a small project yesterday afternoon and with 3 rows left the power went out. So this morning I finished my hat. The project is called Snowbunny and I did not do the pompom as I just think they only belong on a small child's hat.  I did 4 repeats and used size 5 needles.  It does fit just to the bottom of the ear lobe. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

RIP Sue Grafton

If you are not familiar with Sue Grafton she wrote the alphabet books, starting with A is for Alibi. I have read up to S and have the rest I think, if not I will get them. Kinsey Millhone is her main character who is a private investigator.  See if you can find her books you will like them and then try to read them all.  Y was just released and there probably won't be a Z to finish the alphabet.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Deja Vue

We had snow again this morning, the last bit from Sunday morning was not all gone. However today was bitter cold and tonight will be close to zero or below.

Many have asked why I hate winter so much.  I was born in LA and then we moved to southern New Mexico.  We had snow once for half a day and it was all melted the next day.  When I was entering Junior High we moved to Des Moines, egads my first experience of winter.  One day mom and I were going somewhere in our  Falcon station wagon. Mom could not stop at the bottom of the hill and we slid out into traffic on a busy street.  When I opened my eyes I looked at a telephone pole.  It scared my mom so bad she has never driven in weather.  It took me until a couple of years ago to ever feel somewhat comfortable driving in weather. 

I don't like the cold, I much prefer the warmer weather being inside and outside and being able to do all I want to like have flowers and leaves on the trees, etc. 

Anyway we had another inch of snow this morning.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

When I was  a kid Christmas was a yuge deal.  The tree, the cookies, the food, the festivities, the church programs, and then the gifts.  We made lots of cookies and apple santas and we cooked and ate and it was great. We would drive around town and look at the Christmas lights.   Now I go to the Assisted Living Facility where my parents live and we did have a great meal.  I do miss cooking and baking, all the festivities, the game playing, etc.  I hope families today understand how much it means to spend the time together and create memories. Although the activities are gone, the memories are still there.  Maybe someday when we have all gone up yonder we can have that Christmas again.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

First Snow

We had our first snow early this morning. I don't do winter and I don't do snow.  Having been born in  LA and then living in southern NM until I entered Junior High I just don't like it.  There are always lots of wrecks the first snow because somehow people forget in a just a few short months how to drive in it.

I think it is a good day for vegging the Netflix and knitting and let the idiots have at it.