Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Decorations

One of my knitting buddies gave me this plate for my birthday.  It is a genuine polish piece of pottery.  I love it.  I found these creepy hands at Micheals and thought they were perfect to go with the plate.

This is my wreath on my front door.  It is almost bigger than the door. Micheal's once again has the best Halloween stuff this year.

Red Trees

The city came through a few years ago and planted trees in the parking.  I have 3 of these and they get so bright red gold when the leaves turn.  They are just gorgeous.  While I have too many trees in my parking I will keep these 3.

I Need A New Sock Drawer

There are 37 pairs of socks stuffed in this drawer.  I need to do some re-arranging and start another drawer for my  hand made socks. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

D20 Update

Today was moving day for Decorah! During the move, the status of tail feathers was checked out and his tail is coming back in slowly. He has two new grown-in feathers... that look like what a second year eagle would have! He also has two or three feathers peeking through... still with the protective covering. While a weight wasn't taken... he's fat!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Red Glow

I love this tree.  In the Fall when it is this color and the sun shines, well... the back of the house has a red glow in it.  I can't wait til it grows up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

National Feral Cat Day

I lost my feral tom a few weeks ago.  He was 13 1/2 years old.  His name was Little Bit because he was the smallest of his litter.  I never got to touch him until about a month before he was gone.  He was so thin and has lost some hair and as I fed him he would lean against my leg and let me rub his head.  My feral female is still around and is 6 1/2 years old. Her daddy was Little Bit and her name is Smudgey.  While I can't pick her up she does expect her tummy rubbed and head to be petted til she is done.  I love them as much as the ones in my house.  Love a feral cat, put some food out and let them know someone loves them.

Only $1085

The price on this kind of goes along with an earlier post on cheapness.  While the yarn certainly does not justify the price, the time would. However I am NOT paying this much for a sweater.  Sure would love to have a pattern for the skull though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Velvet Fudge

I love red velvet cake, ok I love red velvet everything. Now there is fudge.  I have to make some of this for Christmas and yes I think I will throw a couple pieces in some of my "cheap" gifts I will make.

Are You Cheap?

Yesterday on Facebook there was a link to an article from a woman who had made her co-workers baby blankets for their impending delivery.  She questioned whether she should continue and was she cheap in doing so.  One woman who received a blanket said based on what she made she could have afforded more than the blanket and a few trinkets.  I would have grabbed my stuff back after I slapped her.

For those who don't craft they have no idea what supplies cost, but mostly the time involved.  I made many baby blankets for my co-workers and I can tell you they all loved them and wondered how I found the time to do this for them. 

I made my mom an afghan made up of puzzle pieces.  The whole project took 108 hours from the time I picked out the yarn to the time I wove in the lase end.  That does not count the time I spent looking for just the right pattern.  Lets say I made minimum wage, the afghan time alone would have amounted to $800.  Now for the woman who said the crafter was cheap she really does need to be slapped.  I can make a pair of plain vanilla socks in about 20 hours and based on what I made when I worked, well lets just say these socks would cost over $1,000. 

Most of the time it is not the cost of the supplies but the cost of the time involved.  When you make something for someone it takes the time of that person who could be doing something they need to do or want to do.  They are taking their time to make something special just for you, no one else, just you.  Many times it is done with love and hope that the one getting the gift will appreciate for what it is worth. 

I have learned that there are those who get 15 minutes of my time with a purchased gift that really does not mean a whole lot.  Those who appreciate the time I take get a "cheap" gift and know that is was made with love. 

There's A New Yarn in Town

Cervelt is considered the world's finest luxury fiber, and for the first time ever, it is available as a hand knitting yarn. It is extremely rare, and only 80 balls, each 25 grams, have been manufactured. String is proud to have been invited by Zealana, the provider of the yarn, to be the exclusive retail source of this exquisite yarn.

Cervelt is made from an extremely rare natural down fiber from the New Zealand Red Deer. It is a 13 micron fiber which is much finer than the finest cashmere, and because the diameter of the hair is consistent throughout its length, unlike other fibers it is consistently superfine. The fiber has a natural wavy curl that produces a yarn that is strong and resilient. Its incredible natural properties have defined Cervelt as the most sought after new natural fiber in the world and a personal favorite of leading haute couture designers including Hermes and Giorgio Armani.

One recent high profile example of the prestige of Cervelt was in what was hailed as the world's most expensive pair of socks, costing $1600 a pair, marketed by luxury shoemaker Harry's of London as the "most exclusive sock in the world".

We are offering the 80 balls of Cervelt as this week's special. Each ball is beautifully packaged, as shown, in recognition of the collector's item that it is. We did not knit a sample with it because we have so few skeins, we wanted to save them all for our customers. For this week we are offering it at the special price of $150 per ball. It is 25 grams and 191 yards.

It is a light fingering weight, and could be used with any of the Zealana AIR patterns that we are featuring as this month's yarn special.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

These are MY socks.  I love how Patons Kroy patterns up with their colorways.  These are just a plain vanilla sock pattern.  Since it is Fall and the temp is 41 this morning I will be wearing these soon.