Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's That Time Again

I was at work at my desk, the phone rang, I recognized the number of one of my friends who played hookey that day. I thought he was calling to rag on me that he was home and I was at work.  The first words out of his mouth was go get the Manager and turn on the TV.  Why I asked, because something awful has happened to us. He briefly told me what happened, so I ran to the  manager's office and told him we had to turn on the TV.  We went to the conference room and turned it on. I could not believe what we were watching, word began to spread because when you work for the government, well word spreads like wildfire.  We all watched and waited.  We were sent home for the day and the next day.  Life as we knew it was over, when we came back the security was ramped up and never quit.  The current administration has no idea what happened to us as a country because they perpetuate the hate that the terrorists spew on us.  Evidence of the speech given last night where the first thing out of his mouth was I got Bin Laden.  He is so far over his head; he doesn't have a clue nor does he care.  His purpose is to destroy America not keep us safe. 

My friends turned me on to Sarah Hoyt, today her post made me tear up thinking of how far down the rabbit hole we have gone under this current WH.

I keep hearing something is going to happen today or tomorrow or soon.  Be safe out there and remember we are the best country in the world, when we are gone, the world is gone. 

Monday, September 08, 2014

RIP Mr Cathy

Mr Chick Fil A died during the night, he was 93.  I just want to say thank you for creating one of my fav places to eat and standing by your beliefs. 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Candy Corn

It is candy corn season.  Come on you know you love the sugary candy that coats your teeth in sugar.  Now it comes in various flavors which are all good.  I found this website and she crochets items of clothing in candy corn colors.  How cute are these?

Friday, September 05, 2014


I was reading my newsfeed on facebook and noticed a post with my scarf. Hey that is my scarf and there is my name and oh look I won first place at the Irish Fest scarf contest.  I get a gift certificate at a yarn store.  MORE YARN!.  HOOTIE HOO>  So next year I get to enter in the Master's contest since I won this year.  Thank you judges for picking my scarf.

Bad News that is Good News

9-5-14 ~ Update on Mr. SOAR
Our Decorah Juvenile Fledgling saw Dr. Dirks on Wed. Sept. 3rd, and he has confirmed that our Mr. SOAR will not be able to fly or to be released in the wild. He has a calcified lump at the break site near the shoulder, and while normally a calcium deposit is to be expected in bone regrowth, it's too close to the joint and he is not able to move his wing. His wing does not droop, but he is also not able to move it. The other trauma that he had was... the loss of tail feathers from some unknown prey that was trying to catch him. Those feathers are coming in but that also is a very slow process. At this point there are still obstacles he will need to overcome and adapt to as he gets stronger, and we will all be on this journey together with him and continue to provide every update as is released. We're a little short staffed today, but if you have questions, we'll try to answer as soon as we can.
All of us at RRP have been blessed to have Mr. SOAR in the expert care of Saving Our Avian Resources (S.O.A.R). They have given him, and every patient at their facility the very best care and while we all may have been hoping for a different outcome, our little guy had two big traumas, and we need to remember that sometimes miracles are given in a different way than we hoped. He is alive, and he will make a wonderful Decorah Education Eagle. A reminder that the S.O.A.R. facility is a rehab hospital and not a wildlife or raptor visitor center. It is not open to the public, and in fact it violates their federal permit to do so.
Please read the entire note that S.O.A.R. has shared here for a better understanding of his circumstances. As always your kind thoughts have helped buoy all of us in this process, and we would also like to thank everyone that has sent in donations to S.O.A.R. to help with expenses for Mr. SOAR and for the other raptors in their care.
Our deepest thanks to Kay, Dr. Dirks, and everyone at S.O.A.R.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

My mom always treats birthdays as if I was still a kid and I am fine with that.  This year she decided it was a Halloween theme.  The cake is from a cookbook that she had when I was a kid.  There were 2 of them, paperbook size that had different cakes in them.  I remember a butterfly as well and I think a fish.  I think she made them all several times.  It was a great day, thanks mom.

My aunt sent me some pencils she collected on a trip.  My mom got me pencils as well.  Have I mentioned I love pencils?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hermione and Little Bit

My feral tom, Little Bit, he is 13 1/2 and I have not seen him for a week now.  he was so thin and losing his air and I think the heat got to him.  I loved him as if he had been in my house all this time and worried over him.  The last few weeks he has finally let me rub his head and pet him.  He would lean against my leg while I rubbed his head.  I hope you know how much I loved you.

I have no idea why she decided to lay on the clean curtains, I had folded them and went away for a minutes.  Maybe they were still warm.  This is Hermione, my oldest.


Every year the Irish Fest has a knitting contest, this year it is scarves.  I designed this one myself.  First prize is a gift certificate to a lys.  Since I don't wear scarves this will be donated to the Irish Center for the gala to be auctioned off next Spring.  Contest ends Saturday afternoon.  Wish me luck.

Yard Happenings

I have had 4 hummingbirds all summer, chubby came back.
My heirloom tomato.

My yellow tomato.  I have not had much  luck with the tomatoes.  I bought the plants after we had 2 nights of freeze and they did not do well.

I have one orange cosmos in my mint garden.

The naked ladies outdid themselves this year. I had more than I have had in years.



Rosemary (my fav)

Me mum bought me some mums.
The lizards have been very active this summer.

I don't think this is supposed to happen.

Can you find the cardinal?

Oh hey, I'm just hanging out, honestly I am not sending out the secret signal that you just put food out.

He hung around for 2 weeks.

The hawk