Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cardamon Rolls

I made the first batch of cinn rolls out of the cookbook I got for Christmas. It makes 9 and they are a tad large but hey with 2 sticks of butter, you need to clog the arteries really well. I am not a huge cinnamon fan and love cardamon in my cinn rolls, so these are cardamon rolls instead of cinn rolls. It only took 5 hours to make these but they are worth it.
BTw this squirrel is missing his tail, not sure what might have happened to him but he seems fine.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Too Funny

How funny is this? I found this on Facebook from Nobleknits Yarn Shop,it is a Do Ewe Knit photo.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Eagle Day at Smithville Lake

I went to the golf course to listen to a talk about raptors. They had a bald eagle, a golden eagle and some falcons and hawks. They were all birds that could not fly any longer and were used at teaching sessions like this. The place was packed. Later there were scopes set up at the lake but the eagles were so far away you could only see two in a tree and not very well. These pictures are Miss Moose (bald eagle) and Goldy, the golden eagle. The bald eagle was found fallen out of a pine tree at Yellowstone, she had eaten some poison meat that was used to kill coyotes. She broke her wing in 8 places and has arthiritis so bad she can't fly, they figure she is at least 24. The golden eagle ate something with lead bullets and it attacked her brain, she can only fly about 8 feet and then she loses her balance. Please if you are gonna hunt use lead free bullets, as the eagles sometimes eat the meat that has been left and they get lead poisoning from the bullets.

National Bird Day

NATIONAL BIRD DAY - Today January 5th - Let's CELEBRATE! Why National Bird Day? The beauty, songs, and flight of birds have long been sources of human inspiration. Today, nearly 12 percent of the world's 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century, including nearly one-third of the world's 330 parrot species. Birds are sentinel species whose plight serves as barometer of ecosystem health and alert system for detecting global environmental ills. Many of the world's parrots and songbirds are threatened with extinction due to pressures from the illegal pet trade, disease, and habitat loss. Public awareness and education about the physical and behavioral needs of birds can go far in improving the welfare of the millions of birds kept in captivity. The survival and well-being of the world's birds depends upon public education and support for conservation. This is the reason for National Bird Day. Join us!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Sock Journey

I admit I am a sockaholic, I love to knit socks, they are easy and portable and they make great gifts. I make more for gifts than I do myself and that is about to change. Don't worry mom you and dad will get your socks every year until you tell me to quit, however... I have about 3 dozen sock pattern books and I decided this year to start working my way through them. So to start the journey I am starting with "Socktopus" by Alice Yu. There are 17 pair in this book. The first pattern is Totally Vanilla. A great formula to use for each sock you knit to get that perfect fit. So I have two skeins of Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash in a brown/orange colorway. I am using size 3 dpns and cast them on this morning. Sit back and let's see how many socks I can get through this year.


The most important thing I did in 2012 was retire. I was more than ready and it was time mentally for me to leave. Things were too ugly in the office and it was divided as much as the country. It is not a healthy environment, all brought on by 3 people who really should be fired for some of the things they have done, but I am done with that and it is time to move on. I keep track of the books I read and the projects I do. I only read 22 books which I try to read at least 2/month, now I have more time to read. I knit 20020 yards of yarn and crocheted 6322 yards of yarn. Maybe this year I can get to 30K yards of yarn. If you figure each stitch takes approximately an inch of yarn that is 720,720 stitches knit and 227,592 stitches crocheted making a total of 948,312 stitches, almost a million stitches. So what did I make with all those stitches and other things: Remote Holder 1, Socks 10, Shawls 16, Cell Phone Cover 4, Afghans/Blankets 5, Bunny 1, Dishcloth 12, Fairy 2, Kindle Cover 1, Sweater 3, Penguin 1, Grocery Bags 11, Toaster Cover 1, Fabric Bowl 9, Poncho 1, Bracelet 1, Coasters 10, Bibs 2, Pillows 5, Tablecloth 2, Calendar 1, Pillowcases 4, Mittens 1, Fingerless Gloves 2, Potholders 5.