Thursday, November 18, 2010


Lily is done to the area where you start decreasing for the neck. I had to rewrite the sleeve steeks as the right armhole was behind the underarm stitch and the left armhole was in front of the underarm stitch. So I suppose it would look ok if I wore her with my right arm behind me and my left arm in front of me. I think not. I am ready to steek and did so in class last night sort of. we cut about 6" and are left hanging for two more weeks. I need to do myback and forth rows now for 18 rows to finish the neck/shoulder area and then wait for the next class.

Lily when will you be done?

Monday, November 08, 2010

Can I Just Say We Told You All So

So it seems BHO is coming unglued. Half of us knew he was not up for the job, he is just the spooky evil dude's puppet to destroy America. If you don't know who spooky evil dude is you should watch Glenn Beck.

Read the following article and you will see what a child sits in the Oval Office. I can only imagine the pouting that was done last Tuesday night as he got his progressivenessism throw back at him and WE THE PEOPLE said no way.

Lets not do anything rash until after John Boehner is sworn in; we don't need the Botox Queen moving up in position.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sweater Quest Continues

Progress so far: I had to go down to size 4 needles. When I started I had to go from 6 to 5 to get gauge and now I must be getting looser because I am at a size 4.

I am on the second repeat of the pattern and must right out each row as Dear Alice your pattern is not well written at all. So last Wednesday in class the lys owner and I worked on the next section to take me through the steeking of the armholes. Onward I go. Why am I writing out each row because Chart A has 12 rows, Chart B has 6 rows and Chart C and D have 20 rows and you must work A and B in sequence and since they don't divide evenly into 20, well you do the math.

Alice you will not defeat me. One of the other ladies in the class is making the most beautiful sweater, dont know which Alice sweater it is but I think I might have to try that one as well and a few others.

Off to write out the next set of 20 rows and knit on.