Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Socks for Soldiers

I was asked to make some socks for soldiers, this is KnitPicks Palette yarn.

Gingkho Shawl

I used yarn I had in my stash and somehow my pattern did not come out as written but I like it anyway.

St Pat's Shawl

I wanted a green shawl for St Pat's Day. It weas in the 80;s so I did not wear it but maybe some year it will be cool enough for it. I had 4 skeins of this yarn in my stash. The pattern is I Love This Wrap by Rosebud Designs. I used Lamb's Pride in the Forest Shadows colorway.

The Loopy Ewe 2012 First Quarter Challenge

THe challenge was to use silk in the yarn. I chose Tiffant Triangle Shawl from Wendy Lace Knits. I used 590 yards of Sweetgeorgia in the ultraviolet colorway. This yarn was dreamy to work with. Hermione was jealous Lucy is always in the blog posts so she insisted in being in the picture.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decorah Bald Eagles

I have finally got sucked into the miracle of life watching the eagles and their eaglets about to appear in the world. You can catch them at Not only are they majestic creatures and our national bird but watching them makes the crap in the world go away. There are three eggs and one of the eggs has been cracked so an eaglet will soon be here followed by the other two. You need to read below the streaming and see just how large this nest is 1367 pounds and this is the 4th winter it has been used. Mom and dad both sit on the eggs and keep them warm and safe. It is truly a beautiful thing to watch and knowing the whole world is watching makes it that more special. Go grab a cup of coffee and spend some time watching the miracle of life.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Act of Valor

Instead of doing the parade thing on Saturday with hundreds of drunk people I saw the Navy Seal movie. This movie should be mandatory watching for every citizen in America. It was an excellent movie and you should take some kleenex too.

I can't even imagine what makes a person want to be a Navy Seal except for the love of their country and boy am I glad they do. It takes a special kind of person to do this knowing each time they go into a mission they may never return except in a pine box.

Somehow thank you is not enough for what they do to protect our freedoms. If you have not seen this movie, go see it.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom is 79 today and her birthcake is turning into a somewhat disaster based totally on my lack of reading and understanding the directions. Everyone knows whip cream needs to be beat to form peaks, right, I obviously had a serious brain fart today because well here is what I did:

I boiled the whip cream and melted the white chocolate early this morning in order for it to set 3-4 hours before putting the strawberry cake together and then letting that set for another hour in order to be ready for lunch at noon. I just took the frosting out and it is still runny, oh crap what do I do, I have powdered sugar, after half a bag of powdered sugar it dawned on me you have to beat the whip cream with the mixer to make it non runny, duh! Oh did I mention I did not think it would be enough so I doubled the recipe as well. Well lets just say I have frosting running out of my ears and I may have to make another cake or something to use the leftover frosting. But it tastes good.

Happy Birthday Mom and maybe next year I will just buy a cake.