Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camp Loopy Project 3

I was about 2/3 done and decided I did not like the yarn with the pattern, so I found another pattern and have started over, better hurry as I only have 2 weeks. The new pattern is Sunshine.

Perhaps Alfred Hitchcock is Lurking Nearby

I head cawing the other day and look what was on my deck, his buddies were in the walnut tree. The squirrels froze and pee'd all over the deck, I almmost pee'd my pants too. Ain't noone dead here, move along. Where is that bb gun?


My September Rug is made with a large skein of Sugar n Cream, they call the color fruitcake but it reminds me of sunflowers. A simple V stitch using all but about 10 feet and voila a rug. I love the rugs made out of dishcloth yarn, they last a long time, take a lot of washings and they are soft and the kitties like to lay on them especially when they come out of the dryer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salt and Pepper Shakers

As a child growing up on Belgium, Andrea Ludden was fascinated by the little saltbox in her godmother's kitchen. Ludden now owns more than 20,000 salt and pepper shaker sets which are displayed in the Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

She started scouring flea markets in the 80's when she lived in California. She was looking for a durable pepper mill to season her food. None of the contraptions seemed to work properly so she set them on her windowsill along with a few salt shakers she'd bought because of their creative designs. Her friends and neighbors thought she was collecting the sets, so they brought her bags of them.

The dispensers are in a 3200 square foot building and have been featured on the Food Network's Unwrapped show. The museum also features 1500 pepper mills. They continue to search for shakers at antique shops and malls. They still run into some they don't have. Last year they opened a second museum in Guadalest Spain.

10 Big Moments in Breakfast

Eating breakfast can do everything from boosting your memory to helping you lose weight.

1600's: Pilgrim's Brew. Mornings were harsh in the New World's first settlements, but that's not why colonists knocked back a pint with breakfast. Beer or hard cider was safer to drink than the not-so-potable water. The settlers also downed "mush" a maize porridge they picked up from their Native American neighbors.

1700's: The Dutch Do Doughnuts. Immigrants from the Netherlands introduced oliebollen (oil balls) what we now call doughnuts. These deep fried dollops of dough later became ring-shaped as part of an effort to speed production time and solve the soggy middle problem.

1902: Radical Flakes. Dr John H Kellogg and his brother, Will, baked up the first batch of corn flakes in a sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. Kellogg was a pioneer in proclaiming grains a healthy food. His growing business of mail-order cereal soon helped him spread the word.

1906: The Presidential Whopper. William Howard Taft was a big fan of breakfast. On a visit to Savannah, Georgia in 1906, the 350 pound POTUS broke his fast one morning by eating shrimp with hominy, potted porridge, boiled venison, waffles with maple syrup, hot rolls, and a grapefruit. Fellow diners reportedly watched in awe.

1940's: Orange Juice Goes To War. OJ was just a season treat until WWII, when the government charged the Florida Citrus Commission with finding a way to ship Vitamin C packed juice overseas to prevent scurry among the troops. Their solution, frozen concentrate, was literally created in a vacuum. By the war's end reconstituted juice had reached the front lines. And by the 50's housewives were stirring up OJ for breakfast year round.

1960: Green Eggs and Ham. The Dr Seuss book became the fourth biggest selling children's title of all time.

1961: Audrey Hepburn Gets It To Go. The trailer for Breakfast at Tiffany's promised the "wildest night New York ever knew" but it was Holly Golightly's early morning idyll outside Tiffany's that became the film's most iconic scene. With takeout coffee and danish in hand Hepburn made brown-bagging it look positively elegant.

1970's: The Birth of the Power Breakfast. New York's Regency Hotel claims to have launched the power breakfast trend when its hotel chairmen met with city leaders to forge a plan to save the Big Apple from bankruptcy.

The Crunchy Set. What travels well in rucksacks, goes with nuts and berries, and doubles as code for "hippie?" When granola caught on with the kids in the 70's everyone else gained a whole new way to label the eco-friendly.

2008: Breakfast of Champions. Swimmer Michael Phelps' eight gold medals were big news, but so was his standing order: three fried egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayonnaise; two cups of coffee, one five-egg omelet; one bowl of grits; three slices of french toast topped with sugar; and three chocolate chip pancakes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Lord Outdid Himself This Morning

We have rain in the forecast to start soon and to the South of my house we have this:

And to the west we have this:

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Wanna Win a Book? Little Red in the City

This looks like a great book to have in your knitting library. I just entered the contest along with a gazillion other people but you never know it may just be my lucky day. By August 15 go here: and tell how you would wear this vest. I know I plan on putting this book on my list of books to buy.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

From Michelle's Mirror

If you are not reading this blog, you need to. It is the only thing that keeps me sane some days.

This chart tells it all, and why we need a true conservative in the WH.

My Toilet Paper Holder

I posted the other day about Cottonelle and their "naked toilet paper" holders you could send off for. I don't use Cottonelle because I can get Angel Soft much cheaper so I decided I could make my own. I was at Joann's yesterday and in the paper mache area they have these containers. So I put scrapbook paper on the top and bottom and a green rafia ribbon around the top. I realize the flower on top does not really match but then it adds some bling. My bathroom on the main level is terra cotta orange so I mixed bright orange and chocolate colored paints and painted the bottom. As soon as it dries my naked toilet paper will be stored in style.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

There is NO Way I Would Work Without Pay, This is NOT Right!

Congress Goes on Recess Without FAA Bill
CNN reports the Senate went on summer
recess Tuesday night without taking action
to fully fund the FAA, all but assuring that
almost 4,000 furloughed FAA workers will
remain jobless for the next five weeks and
preventing the agency from collecting $1.2
billion in aviation taxes. The only sliver of
hope for furloughed FAA employees and
laid-off airport construction workers rests
with the fact the Senate scheduled nine
“pro forma” sessions during their break,
giving the Senate opportunities to consider
the funding bill. But Senate leaders gave
absolutely no indication they would do
so. FAA officials worked into Tuesday
evening looking for a solution, but it never
came. “It’s a sad day for America,” FAA
Administrator Randy Babbitt said. Babbitt
said he expects a “brain drain” from the
furloughed workers, and said airport
construction projects will be set back “a
season.” “I’ve been around this business
a long time. I’ve never seen anything like
this,” Babbitt said. “And I find it appalling,
candidly.” On Monday, the House adjourned
after the divisive debt ceiling vote, leaving
the Senate with a version of the funding
extension bill that it did not like and could
not amend. On Tuesday evening, the
Senate recessed, without accepting the
House version of the bill. The FAA says the
impasse will prevent the federal government
from collecting approximately $200 million a
week in airline passenger taxes — or about
$1.2 billion during the congressional recess.

Safety Inspectors Work Without Pay
The New York Times reports FAA
Administrator Randy Babbitt said Tuesday
that the agency was depending on
the “professionalism” of airport safety
inspectors to continue their work without
being paid, because their jobs are paid for
with money that is awaiting congressional
authorization. Those inspectors are the
primary individuals responsible for ensuring
that commercial airports comply with federal
regulations. They also support runway
safety action teams, oversee construction
safety plans, investigate runway incursions
and ensure that corrective action is taken
on safety discrepancies. “The reason they
are out on the job is because of the risk
to operational safety or life and property,”
Babbitt said. “We can neither pay them nor
can we compensate them for expenses.
We are depending and living on their
professionalism at this point.” It is unclear
how long the inspectors can continue to
pay the bills for their own travel and hotel
expenses. Typically, each of the roughly
40 regional inspectors travels to up to five
airports in each two-week period, FAA
officials said.

Free Toilet Paper Holder

OK so we are gonna talk tp for a minute, if you want a cute little canister to hold a role of tp go here, but first you need a UPC code from a 12 pak or larger, so if you use cottonelle get yourself a little free gift.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Camp Loopy Project 3 (Blue Skies)

Itis that time again to pick a pattern and yarn for Project 3. It has to have at least 800 yards in it. I chose Ferceis Reversible Shawl and am doing it in Kauni blue/white, kind of a pretty blue sky color. Now to get me yarn and wait til the 15th. Should have plenty of knitting time since I will probably be on furlough til after Labor Day.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry

My tomcat Harry Will is 11 today. He has diabetes and takes two shots a day but he still plows on and torments his sisters.

Hellow Mr Butterfly

Ihave orange milkweed in my front flower bed. I just read an article in the paper that said due to a shortage of milkweed the monarchs are getting fewer and fewer. Look what is eating on my milkweed in the 104 heat. Isn't he gorgeous?

What to do when on Furlough

I decided since I am on furlough (thank you Congress) I may as well take advantage of the vacay compliments of Congress not doing their job. So Christmas is only less than 5 months away and what better use of my time than to work on gifts especially when it is over 100 outside.

Camp Loopy Project 2 was cable socks, mitten, or gloves, so here are my socks, FaFaFa Socks pattern using Studio June Yarn. Love the pattern and the yarn but the yarn is too busy for cables.

I found the supplies for these duffle bags that I had purchased last year for Christmas and so now they will be this years gifts, the day of the dead bag is mine as wellas the black one. I am experimenting with various weights of interfacing for the bags.

More grocery bags for a dog person.

A rug with enough left over for a dishcloth

And my August Rug

More cabbage rose potholders and dishcloths

It was a very productive week.