Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bob Anderson

Has it been 2 year since Bob Anderson left us to soar with the thermals and those eagle gone to the great beyond.  In case you don't know who he is:  He was the man behind Raptor Resource Program who gave us the Decorah Eagles nest cams.  He also was big on getting the  Peregrine Falcons back into the numbers enough to keep them around for a long time.  He never seemed to sleep and even had a cam of the birds in his back yard. I am sure he is looking down  on the latest 3 and thinking all is good and knowing that he gave us a look into nature that we may never have had.  Thank you Bob for all you did to save these magnificent raptors that you loved so much. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

RIP Sweet Julius

Since the watch of Tajari's impending birth and afterwards there have been many baby giraffe's born.  However Julius had difficulties from birth just a month ago. Every thing was tried to save him but alas nature sucks today and he is gone.  RIP Julius, we loved you for the short time you were with us.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Left is at it Again

I have two female cats.  One is named Bucky Crookshanks after Bucky Cat in the Get Fuzzy Cartoon and Crookshanks is the name of Hermione's cat in Harry Potter.  One is named Groucho Marx because she has the Groucho mustache.  Bucky is a long haired black cat with a bit of white.  Groucho is a tuxedo cat.

So I have probably misgendered them according to the article. No I did not ask them if they wanted to be spayed, they were the product of stray females who had litters and I did not want to deal with them going into heat and all that goes with that, knowing they were never going to have kittens.  I did not ask them what they wanted to be named either.  When I want them both to come with me to the basement if we have a bad storm, I often say come on girls and they come.  They don't look at me and say why do you call me girl.  They pee like a girl and their DNA is a girl, so therefore, they are girls.  I can't change that.  God make them girl kitties and I am not about to go against what He made.  Those of you who know me know my girls are my children and they are spoiled; but to think they get a say in what happens to them is not gonna happen.  They could care less.  As long as they have food, water, a clean litter box and a lap to sit on and toys to play with and they live inside 24/7 well they don't care. 

Like so much crap the left spews today this is another person who needs some serious help. No wonder the country is in  the mess we are today.  

Monday, July 03, 2017

Edible Eagles

Before PETA comes swooping in these are eagle cookies and they are just too cute. I would have a hard time eating them because of their cuteness.  I am sure if I tried to make them it would be a Pinterest fail, but they would be cute to make.

Edible Eagles