Sunday, October 31, 2010


It is finally my fav day of the year. Also Happy Anniversary to my parents, 56 this year wow.

Be safe out there tonight and enjoy yourself.

Off to catch the ballgame in between kids.

Sweater Quest

Ok so tam is done, now on to the sweater. While I think most of Alice's sweaters are gaudy in her color selection I found Water Lily to be a pretty sweater and one I would wear. Ok I can do this one. Yarn ordered and class begins. Lily is done in worsted yarn so you know this is gonna be one warm sweater, almost coat like. Cast on did the border and started the sweater. Chart A done and move on to the next part.

Holy crap batman each row has 33 charts in it. I better write these out. 20 rows at 33 charts each and it takes me 26 minutes to write out the row. That is time wasted when I could be knitting but..... trust me writing out each row is much better than going back and forth between 4 different charts each with a different number of stitches and rows. (I still need to write out 5 more rows.)

Ok off we go and I am at row 11 of the first repeat, hey it actually looks like it should. While coffee was brewing this morning I thought I would read ahead and write down some questions for class this week.

What is this? In the paragraph below the one with the 33 charts spelled out for each row it says to change the colors of Chart A and B to match Chart C and D. Well I got Chart B because it has two colors, background and pattern, that was a no brainer. So I had been doing Chart 2 in the colors the chart calls for and wondered why it had a second colorway in the middle of the back but thought it kind of looks ok and I can't see a picture of the back so it should be ok.

Nope I ripped out 9 rows and am starting over. So here is the sweater from the book and my progress so far.

Sweater Quest

So I read the book about knitting the Tudor Rose Sweater by Alice Starmore. I though the book was kind of boring as I wanted more about the sweater and some pictures.

I wanted to learn how to steek so I signed up for the beginners fair isle and advanced fair isle class at my lys. I know how to fair isle but figured I would take the beginner class just to get back in the swing of 2 strands of knitting together.

We did the tam from Alice's Fair Isle book. Here is the one in the book and mine. I need to weave in the ends and block it. I think it turned out pretty well. Ok tam down and no issues.