Saturday, December 03, 2011

Don Harmon

I keep thinking if I write about this week and the events that happened, maybe I can move on. Generally people on TV don't really affect me except for I cried when the Wolfman died and Captain Kangaroo was a large part of my life when I was a kid, but other than that, they are just people I don't know.

Don Harmon was the meteorologist for 12 years on the local FOX news morning show. I remember when he came on he was 29 and oh so young. After a few weeks I decided he was much better than the arrogant guy they had on before him. Don became a part of my morning life getting ready for work. I planned my day and clothes around his forecast.

Don was a goofy guy what was just a big kid who never grew up. He was infectious, he could make you laugh even if you didn't want to. He wore some of the most outrageous clothes but he never stopped working for some of the local charities, he would do about anything for a charity to raise money.

When Don came to town he drove a land yacht, it should have been scrapped years ago but he loved it. FInally one morning we watched as it was crushed for a charity, Don cried and many of us did as well for him. He finally married and had a child, we lived through his life for all those years. When Lauren came on board she was somewhat put off and stuffy, but Don loosened her up over the years. He was loved by thousands and thousands of people living here, everyone loved Don. There was even a Flat Donny that people would take all over the world when they travelled, he was just that infectious.

I don't know what demons lived in his head that made him end his life Tuesday evening. I had just watched him that morning and I am sure he said something to make Lauren's eyes roll at him. He always did. THis week the co-workers have been talking about Don and his antics and talking about depression as well. I am sure the entire city has been in tears all week and maybe next week we can move forward and remember the good times Don brought into our daily lives.

My prayers go out to his co-workers, his family and the viewing area as we mourn the senseless loss of someone who made our lives a little brighter. RIP Don, we loved you and you will be terribly missed.