Tuesday, January 01, 2013


The most important thing I did in 2012 was retire. I was more than ready and it was time mentally for me to leave. Things were too ugly in the office and it was divided as much as the country. It is not a healthy environment, all brought on by 3 people who really should be fired for some of the things they have done, but I am done with that and it is time to move on. I keep track of the books I read and the projects I do. I only read 22 books which I try to read at least 2/month, now I have more time to read. I knit 20020 yards of yarn and crocheted 6322 yards of yarn. Maybe this year I can get to 30K yards of yarn. If you figure each stitch takes approximately an inch of yarn that is 720,720 stitches knit and 227,592 stitches crocheted making a total of 948,312 stitches, almost a million stitches. So what did I make with all those stitches and other things: Remote Holder 1, Socks 10, Shawls 16, Cell Phone Cover 4, Afghans/Blankets 5, Bunny 1, Dishcloth 12, Fairy 2, Kindle Cover 1, Sweater 3, Penguin 1, Grocery Bags 11, Toaster Cover 1, Fabric Bowl 9, Poncho 1, Bracelet 1, Coasters 10, Bibs 2, Pillows 5, Tablecloth 2, Calendar 1, Pillowcases 4, Mittens 1, Fingerless Gloves 2, Potholders 5.