Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week One Snowflake

Knitpicks is hosting their 52 dishcloths in a year again.  The patterns are free.  Week one is a snowflake.  I must say it is not for those of you with no patience.  The construction is not hard but tedious.  I did learn some things making this.  If you want to learn something new dishcloths are the best way to do it.  When done you have something you can use and you learned a new skill.  It is easy to rip out and redo if necessary, unlike making a sweater or afghan.  They also make nice gifts.

I used a peppermint colorway for mine, you can't see the holes very well but... I did end up weaving in 32 ends so if you don't like weaving in ends you might want to skip this one.