Thursday, October 02, 2014

I Am Happy to Report

You know I had to name him, Three Spot, because he has 3 little red sequins starting on his throat.  Remember yesterday I found the injured hummingbird.  Well this morning he is back in the top of the redbud tree.  I said a prayer and asked God to watch over him during the night and this morning I planned on finding someone to take him to see if he could be saved.  Well as I went to go in the bathroom he was flying around the room.  He landed back in the pan I kept him in had some nectar and I threw a towel over him.  I carried him to the front porch, he chirped at me, like thank you, and flew off to the top of the redbud tree where they all hang out.  I will keep out an eye today to make sure he is ok if I can and hope he makes his journey safely the rest of the way.  Godspeed Three Spot.