Friday, December 05, 2014

D20 update

From SOAR:

Kay reports ~
"Decorah is in an ICU giant crate and is eating good. [Linette adds... Logistics again... the would-have-migrated education osprey needed the room the juvenile was in as that room can be heated for the osprey and this osprey does not do well in a crate.]
He is still vocalizing whenever I walk in the room – so I’m going to take that as a greeting and a good sign. Having him inside has been helpful in getting him used to people walking around and seeing that we ...are not so bad… we bring the food!
We will be getting his large pen ready for him this Sunday -- new perches, turf, etc. This is room that we will be able to heat, as needed."
Kay promised she will try to get a photo once he is in his new spot. No guarantees, when, okay?!