Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2 Years Already?

Yesterday I had been retired officially for 2 years.  I swear the time flies by quicker now that I have all the time in the world, and some days (weeks) I honestly don't know that I accomplish anything but it is ok. 
When I retired the first thing I wanted to do was thoroughly clean my house, I have half the attic and half the garage to do.  Living in a climate that does not allow a lot of time in those spaces it is going slow but I am making progress and this year I expect to get it done.
It is fun going through boxes with papers from first grade to my Masters thesis.  I have found things I forgot I had and things I thought I did not have anymore.  I have done some painting and am making a list of things I want to do to my inside of my house. The outside has steel siding and a new roof so that is done for life. 
I am doing charity work which I wanted to do so that keeps me busy.  My yard still needs some serious attention but once again the weather here does not lend one to playing outside a lot and when you have allergies well that limits time even more, however I do have all the time that is left to me to play with.
I strongly urge if you can retire and be financially secure do so.  You won't regret it, you can do whatever you want and if you don't get those chores done today well there is tomorrow.  Do it, don't put it off, time is short.