Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eagle Update

From SOAR Wednesday 3:15 PM We've decided to delay surgery until Friday or Saturday to give the eaglet more time to strengthen up. His wing is wrapped and he is currently being treated with a strong antibiotic. An inspection of the eaglet's tail revealed a maggot infestation, most likely from a wound, which we treated with permethrin per Dr. Dirk's instruction. Permethrin is also used to help kill hippoboscid fly and mite infestations, and lice infestations. Used properly, it's a safe and effective product that degrades quickly. We hand-fed him venison yesterday and he pooped well an hour afterwards. While we don't usually cheer at the site of poop, this was wonderful to see. From RRP: We think we have found the missing eaglet, seen about a mile from the nest on a mulch pile where other years eaglets have been seen as well. Appears from the picture that all is well.