Saturday, April 09, 2016

Grand Canyon

When I was in High School my father announced we would have one last big family vacation.  He bought one of those pop-up campers in the early 70's complete with a  green Coleman cooler and other stuff.  (BTW I still have the cooler).  We took 3 weeks and went from KC to LA and back home. One of the events we did was take the steam train to Silverton Colorado, what a great trip. It was oh so cold and my grandmother had purchased this ugly scratchy wool poncho for me. It was brown, yellow, orange and green.  None of those are in my colors.  But I took it cos we heard it might get cold.  I was glad I did because it came in handy on that train in the open car and other places where we woke up with ice in the morning.

Loopy Academy this semester is to make a pair of toe up or cuff down socks as one of the projects, whichever you do the least of.  I have never done toe up so that was it for me. I have to say these fit so well and I love the yarn.  It was very easy to make.  This yarn reminded me of that poncho oh so many years ago.  Thanks grandma, you knew I would need that poncho someday.