Thursday, April 07, 2016


We humans are waiting impatiently for D26 to arrive but alas the days are getting further and further from the time it was laid and it would appear we will  not have a D26 this year.  Mom and dad had 2 fledged eagles the first year and 3 every year after that.  We humans don't understand this is nature and nature does what it wants to.  I would prefer for the egg to never hatch and not be viable than it to hatch and not be ok or die.  It is sad to think we won't have 3 eaglets this year but we have D24 and D25 and they appear to be quite the handful.  So I plan on enjoying the antics and maybe this year I can keep them straight as to who is who.   RRP wrote an excellent article on why we may not have D26 this year.