Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bob Strikes Again

Another popular icon has left us. MM Peanut passed shortly after being consumed by Goodin Plenty. This has prompted Congress to visit the idea of life savers being made available wherever we may be.

Known as an all round, sweet guy, MM Peanut was always there and never melted for the task in hand. Although he did take a dip now an again, his popularity was limited because he really never came out of his shell. Even though he appeared to be a hard nut to crack, he was really nothing more than a candy-coated softy. Survived by his wife, MM Plain, they produced many off spring, the latest being Bleau.

A powerhouse of popular names attending the eulogy included Mr. Goodbar, Baby Ruth, Mr. Clark, Mike & Ike, Goldenberg, and Mary Jane. The Skittles cousins were also in attendance as well as his pet Kit cat. The three Musketeers were the pall bearers. (No need for a butter finger on this duty). A very solemn ceremony where not even a chuckle or snicker was heard when a few humorous tales of his former life were told. Mounds of chunky pixie sticks lined the ceremonial grounds. The Airheads, backed up by the instrumental group Swedish Fish, played the final song, Balls of Fire, as MM Peanut was cremated.

According to sources close to the family, the funeral cost a hundred grand. It is thought to be the fact his ashes will be paraded down 5th Avenue and then rocketed into the milky way on the next shuttle flight. At least it didn’t cost a million which it would have been that much to go to mars. However, it is quite a pay day for NASA, now short of funds.