Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bob Writes Again

Today marks the end of an era. Mr. Clean, a well known name in many households, died after flood waters dissolved him late last night. Always a bright spot to everyone that knew him, he left no one untouched. Things will never be the same now that he has left us.
At the onset of his career, many said he was all washed up. They felt he was a drop in the bucket and would never match up to the highly sanitized detergent business. To everyone's surprise he really cleaned up. He became an overnight success sparkling in the bright lights. He soaked up every moment. He never had to pine about any financial issues. He had a great scent for investments and never had to sponge off anyone.
Known to all as a bubbly type, Mr. Clean was there to help everyone. Even those with the most stained past. He was a strong advocate of ridding the world of the smut on the internet polluting our youth’s minds. He would defile those that peddled the soiled media relentlessly.
He is survived by his mother, Ma Pendle, a brother, Edward Clean, and a sister, Anita Clean-Place. His ashes with be mixed with a gallon of water and dispersed sparingly over the area.