Thursday, May 12, 2016

RIP Peanut

I do not watch the Decorah North Nest (DNN).  This is the first year for a camera on that nest.  It is approximatley 5 miles from THE Decorah nest that everyone knows about.  They had 3 hatches.  If you see the little eaglet in front he was the third hatch.  Look how much bigger the other 2 are, he just was not growing.  He was only 4 days behind the 2nd hatch.  Many became concerned a couple days ago that he was not getting any food and not looking well.  God took him during the night.  Nature sucks in big ways at times and we humans being emotional creatures mourn the loss of something so precious and miraculous.  For those that watch the nest I am sorry for your loss because you grow to love these raptors as you watch them grow and eventually go out on their own.  For the raptor world we mourn the loss of another eagle.  Fly and soar high with the Decorah eagles who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge before you.  Look up D14, he was a character and I think he will teach you the ropes.  RIP little Peanut, may you suffer no more.