Thursday, May 26, 2016

Decorah North Nest

Yesterday many became concerned when the 2nd hatch had not moved for some time.  For some unknown reason he has died.  Mom's white feathers on her head looks like she stuck her whole head in ashes and she does not look well at all either.  Many think maybe poison but why is the first hatch ok?  The nest is being monitored to see what is going.  RIP DNN2, be kind to Peanut and keep him company until some day the rest of the family gets there with you.  I hope the rest of the nest will be ok, it has been a tough season for DNN.

Update from RRP this morning:

Latest update on DNN 10am 5/26/16

Raptor Resource Project
2 hrs
Decorah North Mom is alive and has flown from the nest. Dad was seen earlier on the yonder perch branch, and DN1 is alive and has been exhibiting normal behavio...r. We are discussing the next steps and will keep everyone posted. I don't have time to round up photos now, but we will post some as soon as we can.

7:13pm CT - Decorah North Nest Update!
Amy reports that it has been an all day process, but permits were signed off on, a climbing team assembled, and DN2 was ...retrieved from the nest via a pole from 20 ft below. DN2 will be taken for a necropsy tomorrow with our veterinarian who works with SOAR.
Dad has been seen, Mom has been flying and is now in the nest with DN1, and while we don't know if it has eaten, it is robust and active, and there is food in the nest. Amy has photos and will write a blog that will post later tonight or tomorrow.
The camera will remain off for live viewing for a bit longer, but I do not have a timetable for when we will be live streaming again. In the meantime, thank you all for the incredible strength and support you have shown to RRP and hopefully we will have some answers soon as to cause of death of DN2