Saturday, May 07, 2016

Mrs Wilson's Knitting Circle

Today's lecture was all about food.  How did food affect the nutrition for the soldiers.  People were asked to give up items such as meat, wheat, and sugar so the soldiers could have it.  Donuts were a popular item during the war.  The WW1 museum has rewritten some of the recipes that were used during the war.  Many were encouraged to eat beans and peanuts.  Some of the old recipes sound good but those such as bean loaf don't.  There is even a recipe for cottage cheese.  If you want to check it out go here:  The pattern we received was for a pair of 3 finger mittens with the thumb and index finger given their own finger, probably for shooting.  The pattern talks of widening and narrowing the fingers instead of increasing and decreasing. I definitely need to try this pattern and see what their worsted weight 100 years ago is equivalent to today.  They also used 2 pair of size 12 needles.
These lectures are free and great information about WW1.  We always get a free pattern and see others working on garments that we all have to have the pattern for.  Thanks to the museum for doing this, I thoroughly enjoy all of them.