Saturday, August 01, 2015

Mrs Wilson's Knittng Circle

Today's lecture was how the war was funded.  People were almost forced to buy bonds by the propaganda.  Back in those days a $50 bond was a lot of money considering most did not make that much for the month.  I remember my maternal grandfather only made $700/year to take care of a family of 9 kids.  One of the things talked about was how people were proud to fund the war and how would it go over today.  Back in those days many people were happy to help out because they loved their country.  Many who came here legally wanted to give back to a country that gave them so much.  Not today they only want what they can get for free and not give back at all. I am sure today many would not help fund the war this way and that is a shame.

Our pattern was a vest knit in one piece with a hole in the middle and sewed up the sides.  I think this is one pattern I will make and wear, I wonder if dad would like a vest for Christmas.

We have 3 more meetings this year and in December we are doing a knit in with sack lunch provided.  These meetings are free and provide so much history about the first World War.  What a sacrifice everyone made.