Sunday, August 02, 2015

Get Your Crayons Out

Today is National Coloring Day.  More and more adults are taking to coloring to reduce stress.  You can find "adult" color books at Dover online, Joann's, Barnes and Noble and other places.  I prefer to use color pencils when coloring an adult color book.  Crayons work well with children's color books as the pictures are larger and the crayons are too fat for a smaller color book for adults.

National Coloring Book Day is celebrated annually on August 2.  Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children, but over the years adults have gotten more and more involved with coloring.  Adult coloring is now a huge trend and many are finding that it is not only fun but also a great way to reduce stress.  Founded in 1941, Dover Publications led the way, releasing their first coloring book for adults, Antique Automobiles Coloring Book, in 1970. Dover now publishes Creative Haven®, a popular line of coloring books specially designed for adult colorists.