Monday, August 11, 2008

Back Away From The M's

Dear Mars Company: What on earth are you thinking changing M&M's. You made us eat different flavors and seriously that is wrong. You introduced new colors and that was wrong. We just want our little round disc of chocolate with a candy coating with your m on it. NOTHING ELSE> Now they want to make a new M: they are fatter and less uniform, they have no candy shell-just a shiny topcoat with a marbleized, almost metallic-looking finish in bright colors. There are five flavors-mint chocolate, mocha, triple chocolate, raspberry almond and chocolate almond. Do you honestly think in that little disc you can get that much flavor? They are $3.99 for a 6 ounce package, kind of really pricey dont you think? Mars hopes to attract a young, fashion-conscious consumer to the product. It is candy for goodness sakes, not Manolo Blahniks. Mars says we found that premium chocolate lovers want the smooth, creamy taste to the be first thing they taste in a chocolate product. OK Mars, listen up if I want premium chocolate I order my Jacques Torres chocolate on line and have it delivered. If I need a quick chocolate fix I buy a package of m's. M&M's are NOT premium chocolate. In fact the first ingredient on my package of M's in my desk is milk chocolate. I never knew milk chocolate was considered premium chocolate. So heres to you Mars, as an older consumer I will not pay that kind of money for a package of M's that aren't really M's. So I hope those young fashion conscious consumers have lots of money to spend on your fancy pants M's.