Saturday, February 04, 2017

Mrs Wilson's Knitting Circle

Today was the first meet of the year, this is the 3rd year.  I was very much looking forward to being back after a few months with no meetings.  I have no idea what today's lecture was about. It was very discombobulated and I have no idea where the lecturer was going.  At first she started talking about how much there is in the digital library of the WW1 museum and then she took off in a direction that left me clueless.  It appeared she was trying to tie the black americans who fought in the war to something because it is Black history month, but she never really got there.  She talked about Woodrow Wilson but never really tied it to anything.  I came away with nothing today which is a shame because her lectures before have been very good but today she hit a goose egg with me.  I hope the rest of the year gets better.