Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's Almost Time

This morning you can really see the nest cup being built.  Dad continues to sit in it and shimmy down to round it out and make sure it will be sufficient for the eggs.  The crib rails are up, mom and dad have been in the nest after dark probably shooing the owls out and it would appear we are a few days from the first egg being laid.  This will be my 6th  year of watching this nest.  What nest you ask?  Decorah of course, the famous mom and dad that lure in millions of watchers from across the world.  We have a window into nature that is just fascinating to watch the nest built up in winter to the eggs being laid in Feb and then watching them grow into sub-adults and leave the nest by end of June.  It is very calming to watch and learn about these magnificent raptors who represent our country.  Join me as we welcome more eagles into the USA.