Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Loopy Academy

It is September and Loopy Academy is in session.  I am in my Junior year for yarn and my Sophomore year for fabric.

Junior Year Yarn Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 250 yards):
A pair of gloves with full fingers (no fingerless mitts)
A knitted or crocheted toy using more than one color of yarn. (You can add knitted clothes or make a set of toys to get the yardage required.)
A project that incorporates bobbles or popcorn or nupps in the pattern.
I hate bobbles but i am doing a pair of socks in a bright red lipstick color with toooo many bobbles.  I am doing a pair of stuffed giraffes in brown and marigold orange for the toy and i am doing a pair of gloves with cables in the cuff in gray.

Sophomore Year Fabric Semester 1 (Each project must use a minimum of 2  yards):
1 or more Zipper Box Bags (you need to use 2 yds. fabric, so a big one or sets of smaller ones)
A wearable project (like an apron or shirt or dress) that has embroidery featured somewhere on it.
A quilt or table topper or wall hanging that uses a mixture of cotton plus wool fabrics
I am making 4 zipper box bags in halloween fabric..  I love them for sock projects.  I am  making an apron with an embroidered elephant and flowers on the top and may do something on the pockets as well.  I am making an autumn table runner with a pumpkin in each corner with leaves made out of wool.  
Are you at the Academy or sitting on the sidelines watching the progress?