Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grilled Cheese and Egg

The first recipe in my new Grilled Cheese sandwich book is to put a fried egg in between the cheese in your sandwich.  I had a great loaf of very soft pumpernickel bread with butter and sharp cheddar and havarati (I could not find Monterey Jack) as the recipe called for.

I fried my egg first as I like mine hard, no runny eggs for me.  I really don't like eggs unless they are  in cake.  I buttered the outside of my bread and put a slice of sharp cheddar, egg, and havarti and the other slice of bread and cooked them in the skillet like a grilled cheese.

It was not bad.  I would not do it regularly, but the cheese melted around the egg and held it in place.  Give it a try it would make a good breakfast sandwich.