Thursday, September 22, 2016


Fall or Autumn starts later today.  It means the days get shorter, flowers and garden starts to slow production.  The migrating birds are fueling up to leave, the leaves are slowly turning colors and falling from the trees.  The grass has slowed down a bit in needing to be mowed.  I am not a fan of Fall because I have allergies to ragweed and mold.  I don't like the shorter days, I don't like losing my hummingbirds, and I don't like my flowers dying.  I do enjoy the vibrant red colors on some of my trees (btw the pictures are from a past year), Halloween,  and I enjoy my winter birds coming back such as the Juncos.  I am a Spring and Summer person.  So those of you are Fall fans enjoy it for me as well.   I will be counting the days til Spring arrives.