Tuesday, July 28, 2015

RIP Bob Anderson

All the postings I do about the Decorah Eagles are because of Bob Anderson.  He is Mr Raptor Resource Project.  Thank you Bob for all you gave us and I know you are now soaring with the eagles.

Raptor Resource Project's photo.
I am deeply sorry to confirm that Bob Anderson passed away this morning. Out of respect for Bob and his family, we are asking that everyone respect their privac...y. Official announcements will be made here and on Ustream in the days to come. Our deepest condolences to Bob's family.
Although Bob was very proud of his work with the Decorah Eagles, his heart was truly in his peregrine falcon recovery work. This video tells the story of his cliff work and was a special favorite: https://youtu.be/USQs4Bwxa18
The photo shows him on Great Spirit Bluff. It was one of his very favorites - he loved to be on rope - and is how many of us will remember him. Fly on, friend and mentor. We will never forget you.