Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Camp Loopy Fabric July

For this month of Camp Loopy we were to choose 1/2 yard of 6 fabrics and make something and have an embroidered or appliqued square in the item.  I am painting my bathroom a light turquoise and decided I wanted a wall hanging.  My tub is in an alcove by the window (seriously who puts the tub under the huge sliding window).  I have a wall at the front of the tub that needs something so I sat down and decided to do a wall hanging with a fairy garden theme. 

This is the fabric I chose.
I did not think it would be so busy and should have got some plain fabric.  Also the fabric is so busy the embroidered panel is kind of lost.  I originally intended to only have a 12x12 panel with the mushroom house on the left.  After I washed and ironed the fabric I realized they had shrank and quite a bit so I had to redo all my math and recalculate.
I then had to increase the embroidered panel to a 24x12 panel.  So here is my wall hanging and as soon as I paint it will get hung.

There is a reason I don't quilt and this proves it.