Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Night Out

Tuesday Aug 4th marks the 32nd annual Night Out Against Crime. Its a grass roots organization that started as a simple gesture of leaving your porch light on in an effort to cement neighborhood unity against crime. Now is a perfect time within your own neighborhood to get out and gel with your family, friends and neighbors in regard to issues that affect your neighborhood. Leaving that porch light on just after dark and well into the night is a symbol of unity and you might be surprised how much brighter and safer the block seems. Why lights and the front porch? Lighting is still the most cost efficent crime fighting tool we have and human interaction is a great deterent. Decades ago it was common for houses to be built with porches and it was not uncommn for folks to retreat to thier porches after dinner for socializing and enjoying the evening air, We have long since moved away from that, Back then that was "neighborhood watch" though nobody really called it that, it just happned. Now with our hectic schedules it not always easy to pal with the neighbors. But with a little effort and a common goal like National Night Out, your neighborhood will feel the difference, give it a try.