Sunday, May 24, 2015

OK Now What?

I took a spinning class about 3-4 years ago to learn on a spindle, the teacher suggested I take a class on a wheel to determine if I really wanted to learn to spin.  I attended the class and I came home so frustrated I cried all the way home.  The class did not help those of us who were newer than new and I was the only one in class who did not already know how to spin.  So where was the beginner class because that is what I signed up for.  The teacher was more interested in telling us about some wheel that is the ultimate in wheels and cost more than a Lexus and you have to wait for. 
I am not one to give up when I am determined to do something so I researched wheels and found one that came with a case and other goodies and a kitchen trash bag full of roving, it was like I got several hundred dollars of free stuff.  So I ordered it.  I kept it in the box because it came right before I retired.  I had things I wanted to do and figured if I set it up I would never get my list done, so it sat in the box until today.  One of my online knitting friends just got a wheel and so she started a facebook group for us.  Well that was enough to get me off my arse and set my wheel up.  So she is ready to go and I need to watch the videos I bought and read the books and get started.  I do need to find a chair that is most comfortable.  I was worried about the girls getting in the way but when I started to treadle it scared them and they ran off.

So here she is and I need a name for:  I think I shall call her Naomi after my grandmother who taught me to knit.