Sunday, March 08, 2015

Mrs. Wilson's Knitting Circle

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  The sky was clear and blue and it is early March.  I learned about a new knitting group starting at the WW1 museum.  One of my friends and I went and had a very enjoyable time.  This lecture was on the music of WW1.  Did you know there were about a dozen songs related to knitting.  Neither did I.  We were given a pattern of wristlets, a pattern made at the time for the soldiers.  It appears this is going to be a monthly event and I plan on going when I can.  There were almost 100 knitters in attendance.  They wanted to see if this would take off and I say it did.  I have never been to the museum but I need to take the time to spend a day here and see what it offers.