Thursday, March 12, 2015

D20 Update

SOAR has an update on "Decorah" [D20/male]
Per SOAR: "3/8/15 Update - Tail feathers... January through March is not the time of year that birds should be molting feathers. In February, Decorah had five new tail feathers growing. The feathers grew about half-way in and then the blood supply to the feather dried up and the feather dropped out of the follicle. A blood supply to the feather is necessary for feather growth. This has happened more than once. A consult with Dr. Dirk...s tells us to be patient. Dr. Dirks is hopeful that once the photo-period is correct and that stimulates hormone production that signals molting, that Decorah's tail feathers will grow in as we all hope. Doctor also said there could be follicle damage. At some point, Decorah will go visit Dr. Dirks for another consult regarding those tail feather follicles. Getting jesses on Decorah is back on the "to do list" for us. Once he has jesses, then training activities can begin."
If you would like to see all of "Decorah's" history/summary at SOAR, you can always check in on the latest news for him at:
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