Thursday, February 05, 2015

Loopy Academy Spring Semester

When I attended University we had January off sort of.  It was called interterm.  We could take something totally unrelated to our major or go on a trip.  When I was a Junior I went to Europe for a month.  We did not start Spring Semester until Feb 1.  Anyway I digress, it is time for Loopy Academy Spring Semester which also starts Feb 1.  We have to have at least 175 yards.  I am knitting a slipped stitch cowl, a felted tote, and striped socks with a heart on the heel.  Stay tuned for my projects to be finished.  May 31 is the deadline.  I finished the cowl this morning.  I love the slipped stitch pattern, I am thinking a pair of socks and maybe a sweater would be great in this stitch.