Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Almost Time

We think the owls have given up which is probably best for them.  Mom and dad are busy working on the nest and based on past data, the 17th is the first time mom has laid the first egg, so we may be one week away from eggs.  D21 is on the way. 

Speaking of past eaglets:  D19 is busy finding herself a new home and is a ways from home.  This from her transmitter:   About 130 miles S of her natal nest, not far from the town of Keota, Iowa. While no one has spotted her, area residents have reported seeing mixed-age groups of eagles, so she probably isn't traveling by herself. She's got a creek and trees for cover, and several likely sources of food in the area.  Be safe.  No word from D1 as her transmitter is not working and no one has seen her since summer.  We hope she is safe.  She will be 4 in a couple of months.