Sunday, September 28, 2014

Going Back To School

I have always loved school, I would be a professional student if someone paid my way or my bills.  My niece has recently gone back to school and I am envious.  I could do it but I do not have the time nor do I want to deal with the teachers like what she has to endure, truly people who should never be a teacher ever no matter what.

So I am attending the Loopy Ewe Academy which you can read about on the blog.  I am entering my Fall Freshman year with a cowl, mittens, and a hat.  Follow me as I post my homework which all 3 projects are due December 31.  I have started the cowl in Baker University and Halloween colors.  How cool is it that my university and my car (black with orange dash) have the same colors as my fav day of the year.  Stay tuned.