Friday, September 05, 2014

Bad News that is Good News

9-5-14 ~ Update on Mr. SOAR
Our Decorah Juvenile Fledgling saw Dr. Dirks on Wed. Sept. 3rd, and he has confirmed that our Mr. SOAR will not be able to fly or to be released in the wild. He has a calcified lump at the break site near the shoulder, and while normally a calcium deposit is to be expected in bone regrowth, it's too close to the joint and he is not able to move his wing. His wing does not droop, but he is also not able to move it. The other trauma that he had was... the loss of tail feathers from some unknown prey that was trying to catch him. Those feathers are coming in but that also is a very slow process. At this point there are still obstacles he will need to overcome and adapt to as he gets stronger, and we will all be on this journey together with him and continue to provide every update as is released. We're a little short staffed today, but if you have questions, we'll try to answer as soon as we can.
All of us at RRP have been blessed to have Mr. SOAR in the expert care of Saving Our Avian Resources (S.O.A.R). They have given him, and every patient at their facility the very best care and while we all may have been hoping for a different outcome, our little guy had two big traumas, and we need to remember that sometimes miracles are given in a different way than we hoped. He is alive, and he will make a wonderful Decorah Education Eagle. A reminder that the S.O.A.R. facility is a rehab hospital and not a wildlife or raptor visitor center. It is not open to the public, and in fact it violates their federal permit to do so.
Please read the entire note that S.O.A.R. has shared here for a better understanding of his circumstances. As always your kind thoughts have helped buoy all of us in this process, and we would also like to thank everyone that has sent in donations to S.O.A.R. to help with expenses for Mr. SOAR and for the other raptors in their care.
Our deepest thanks to Kay, Dr. Dirks, and everyone at S.O.A.R.